Private Practice Review: "Short Cuts"

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Last night on the second episode of Private Practice's fourth season, Violet and Cooper decided to put recent clashes behind them in order to please their significant others.

This amplified the tension between Pete and Cooper, who also ended up fighting on a professional level, engaged in a heated argument over marijuana use by a patient.

Meanwhile, Addison is having second thoughts about telling the world about her new romance with Sam, something that is clearly not going to sit well with BFF Naomi.

Lovely Charlotte

How will Violet's relationship with Cooper change his situation with Charlotte?

Sheldon (new cast member Brian Benben) decides he will deny the approval for a patient’s sex change, a decision that comes back to haunt him before the end of the night.

As usual, the sex change case seemed hard to believe, and a bit melodramatic, but the acting was superb and tie-ins to the characters' personal drama were palpable.

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Yeah, so Addison and Sam are a couple. How's that going to play out? Should she tell Nae? Should they keep it on the DL for awhile? This could get ugly, we have a hunch.

Complicating matters on multiple fronts? Naomi proposes a merger of Oceanside and Pacific after breaking the sad news that her beloved William White has passed away.

Everyone is on board, which catches Naomi a little off guard.

Addison tells Amelia she’s with Sam. Amelia advises her to come clean. We'll see about that. Meanwhile, Pete and Charlotte are both upset with their significant others.

Cooper and Violet are spending a lot of time together, on the phone and in person. Awkward. Cooper walking in on Pete and Violet having sex on the sofa? More awkward.

Charlotte asks Sheldon to assess the stability of Jane, a patient who is a gender reassignment (sex change) candidate who believes her outside doesn’t match the inside.

When he balks, Charlotte wonders if Sheldon’s reluctance to help Jane has something to do with the fact that she chose Cooper over him. Fair question, but it doesn’t.

He just doesn't think she's ready, and Charlotte makes a personal, impassioned plea on her behalf. He is somewhat swayed by her humanity, but Jane gets desperate.

She tries to do the procedure herself. Only on Private Practice, people.

Charlotte and Sheldon rush her to the hospital and she pulls through. Sheldon assures Jane that he will help her, and shares a nice moment with Charlotte at the end.

Pete prescribed medical marijuana to Sydney (Justine Bateman) who gave it to her autistic son to control his fits. Cooper's upset that Pete’s patient gives his patient pot.

When the poor kid, Zack’s, fits become more intense, Sydney ends up giving him some weed she bought on the street. Unfortunately, this time it was laced with PCP.

Pete is upset about the role he played, and Cooper, his rival in a sense, assures his colleague that there was no way he could have foreseen how things would turn out.

Coop even vows to cut down Violet time in the future.

Finally, Addison musters the courage to tell Naomi about Sam. Naomi, having just lost William, kind of freaks out, and understandably so. But where do they go next?

Nae tells Addison she wants both her and Sam to back this merger - and to never talk about Sam. Ever. Considering the circumstances, Addison got off pretty easy.

Was it right for Addison to tell Naomi about Sam so close to William's death? Did you like the episode in general? Comment below with your thoughts ...


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I absolutly love the slow version of the 80s classic by
A-ha "Take On Me"


I'm responding to kim's comment about the cameras - I found it very irritating and distracting, made me think of the Office - and they only seemed to do it when it was about Pete and Cooper. I really hope they STOP and go back to the regular way - it was very distracting and frustrating.


Can anyone tell me what song was being played at the end of the episode yesterday?
Thanks in advance!


hi, im lorraine, private practice is my favorite tv show :)
what did you think of yesterday's private practice? please send me a comment :) i think it was great :)


cooper is really just annoying..
it's like he's desperately trying to hold on to the times when there were just him and his bff violet, instead of just growing up and getting a life of his own - or rather, realizing that he already is a grown man who actually has a life of his own and a girlfriend/fiance who finally let her guard down and just wants him to show her that he cares..
i don't think that cooper would have made that decision, to back off of violet, i mean. it seemed a little bit like he just went back home to charlotte because violet kind of "pushed" him away.


I liked it, the Jane storyline was great. I love the Violet/Pete scenes, although I was completely on Charlotte and Pete's side regarding the extreme edition of Violet and Cooper's friendship. Cooper especially annoyed me... seemed like he kept reaching out to Violet and she tried her best to accomondate that... Good thing they made some amendments in the end. Addison and Sam were sweet and I love that Naomi reacted well.


Did anyone noticed the cameras? The shots were moving around, zooming in weird. It wasn't like Private Practice, it was like documentary camera filming.


I like the episode (that makes up for last week boring one). The relationships Charlotte/cooper and AddiSam have been explored and are evolving, let's hope that will continue this way.


I thought it was a boring episode. Violet/Pete/Charlotte/Cooper is snoozeworthy and done before. Boring and repetitive. Needed more Addison, Sam, Naomi. All the best scenes were in the sneak peeks.

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