Terriers Review: "Missing Persons"

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Each week, Terriers continues to impress me with its versatility.

Unlike any other show on TV, you truly don't know what you're gonna see from episode to episode... with the exception of solid acting and storytelling.

"Missing Persons," for example, was more of a self-contained installment than recent hours that focused on Lindus and other serialized elements of the show. We did get that important mention of just how Hank paid for Stephanie's treatment (think Britt will be okay with the use of their $100,000 in such a manner?), but the episode was mostly a showcase for the Logues.

Pro Bono Case

What a great opening scene we were treated to between Hank and Stephanie, as it felt like we were just sitting in on a night of games and TV between Donal Logue and real-life sister Karina (as Steph).

Stephanie has been such an unexpected, fantastic addition to the series. On many other shows, it would have seem like contrived drama to just insert a mentally unstable sister into the life of a main character - but Terriers has kept Steph mostly in the background until this week. She's served as the occasional source of comedy, and also as a means for helping us get to know Hank.

The latter was the case on this episode, as well. It felt true to both characters that Steph would take the mature step of checking herself into a facility, while Hank would be the one who needed to be told everything would be okay.

At his core, Hank is a lonely man. He's lost Gretchen and you remember his initial reaction to Britt's plan to propose, right? He's afraid it will negatively impact their friendship. We also haven't even been told just why he lost his police force job and why Mark thinks he'll eventually screw Britt over.

Indeed, Hank is a troubled man, but watching him sort through his messes every week is a pleasure. This was yet another example of how well Terriers balances the dark with the light, the action with the emotion. What did everyone else think?


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