Terriers Season 1

"Hail Mary"

On the season finale of Terriers, Britt faced the consequences of his one-sided fight, while Hank solved an old case and also prevented the construction of an airport over Ocean Beach.

"Sins of the Past"

How did Hank and Britt meet? Why did Gretchen divorce Hank? Those questions are answered via this flashback-heavy episode of Terriers.


Gretchen gets married on this episode of Terriers. But it's Britt who ends in the day in the worst mood possible.

"Pimp Daddy"

Hank recovers from his injury this week, while Britt partners with a transvestite hooker to solve the death of her pal.

"Agua Caliente"

There's some trouble in Mexico this week. As a result, Hank and Britt both work with their ex-partners to get to the bottom of it.

"Missing Persons"

The case of a confused, amnesia-riddled teenager reminds Hank of his sister this week and causes him to help the poor guy out. Elsewhere, Britt gets a strange vibe from Katie.


Hank and Britt are sent on wild goose chase through the city this week. They're in search for an antique engagement ring.

"Manifest Destiny"

Hank and Britt scramble to cover themselves this week. How will they get out of the quasi murder of Lindus?


Lindus is back this week, and he has an odd request for Hank and Britt: he asks them to steal 250 thousand dollars from him.

"Change Partners"

Hank must prove something to the bank manager in order to secure a home loan this week. He discovers something even kinkier than adultery.

"Dog and Pony"

Hank and Britt go after an escaped convict on this episode. Read on for a detailed recap of "Dog and Pony."


We get to know Hank and Britt on the series premiere of Terriers. They are private investigators and face a major crime on this pilot episode.

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