Brothers & Sisters Notes: Beau Bridges to Guest Star, Calista Flockhart MIA, Sixth Season Likely

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Brothers & Sisters star Calista Flockhart will be gone for a three-episode stint - including the 100th episode in which Balthazar Getty returns - as part of her request.

While still billed as a series regular and a major part of the narrative, the actress sought to work a little less this season, according to sources. Looks like ABC obliged.

Can the show live on with less Kitty? ABC is pondering just that as it decides the fate of the drama. Thanks to a recent creative upswing, its prospects are "hopeful."

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Calista Flockhart will be gone for a bit, but Beau Bridges is stepping in.

In other news, Sally Field's character is getting is a familiar love interest in the form of former Norma Rae costar Beau Bridges, who will appear on several episodes.

He's also family for Nora, not just Sally. She had a past with this particular guy before she was married to the late William Walker, and old secrets will be dredged up.

Beau is slated for at least a handful of episodes during the current fifth season, and will likely debut in early 2011. Guess things weren't meant to be with Dr. Karl ...

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Well, Kitty is a little *lost* this season (unlike Dr. Karl). I srsly didn't even missed her in the last episode so I don't mind her MIA... I just hope that something good comes for her when she returns. I love Kitty and don't want to see her in a boring story line.


Heck no I'm not watching if Calista leaves! Oh, and "creative upswing"? WTF, show are they watching? The writing has been absolute crap this season. Really it's sad to see such a great show turn to into this.

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