Dexter Review: Sex, Murder and Videotapes

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It took me nearly the entire fifth season, but I'm finally on board with the Dexter/Lumen relationship.

Thanks to the two major developments that concluded "In the Beginning," I'm suddenly fascinated by the bond between this pair and the intrigue over how everything will end. Will Dexter somehow be forced to kill Lumen? Will someone else, such as Liddy or Jordan, take her out? Will Dexter propose?

The possibilities are endless and, with just two episodes remaining, that means we're in for a wild, suspenseful, surprising ride to what's been a generally slow season.

Plotting Revenge

The overall creepiness of this episode is a major reason why it kept my captivated. Merely hearing the screams of those brutalized women was stomach-turning, as they did more than prove that Lumen isn't playing some long con with Dexter, which some viewers believed.

(Major Stretch of the Week: It was a bit too easy for Dexter to swap out a huge piece of evidence such as the 13th DVD. Would the force really not have noticed different hand-writing on the one disc that was damaged?)

The photos and DVDs and Deb's subsequent reaction - combined with her lack of remorse over killing that Fuentes brother - helped to plant the seed for when Deb begins to suspect Dexter is a killer.

My guess is that this starts to take place next season, but might Deb actually understand or sympathize with her murderous brother once she discovers the truth? That was my first thought when we watched her study those tapes. How can anyone hold a grudge against the person responsible for killing the men that took part in such actions?

Or people responsible for killing them, I should say. Lumen and Dexter are team now, after all. The small touches here helped sell the idea of Dexter truly letting Lumen into his world, as long-time viewers must have been shocked to watch him teach her how to position the knife and even how to dress. If there's been one thing consistent about this show, it's been this ritual, always one conducted alone by the series' title character.

So it was fascinating and chilling to watch Lumen embrace it so thoroughly that she then approached Dexter afterward and took off his shirt. I really didn't think the show would go there, but I'm now glad it did. The bond between these two is unlike anything we've seen yet and unlike anything Dexter has experienced before.

In the minds of each of these characters, the other is a savior. But we all know the season won't conclude with them lying in bed, gazing happily into one another's eyes. Something major will go down soon and I can't wait to find out what that will be.


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Saad khan

@clarkson_fan thanks for telling, I somehow Always thought Dexter has 10 episodes :P my bad!


Maybe she will give herself up to save Dexter. Would be very cool if the last scene of the season is her getting the lethal injection.


The past couple of episodes definitely give me chills! Can some kill the creepy guy already following Dexter? Please I'm freaking out about that! WTF is going to happen I don't mind Lumen and Dexter... it's pretty interesting and they bonded over their kill so cute!


Um, Saad Khan, no they didn't. There are 12 episodes this season just like ever other season.

Saad khan

OMFG I just got Stabbed 100 times...*When 13 girls rape & Tortured videos were found*When Dexter gave Luman (Julia Stiles) Killing gloves, the look on Dexter's face was PriceLess *When Luman finally kills one of her rapist/torturous*to see the Crazy Intensity between Jordan Chase & Emily Birch* When Debra & Quinn almost Walked in on them killing AND *Dexter & Luman Hook-up after killing was Out of the effing Blue. P.S I agree its the slowest season Maybe bx they turned 10 into 13 episodes (they wanted to make more money)


Lumen will grease Robogumshoe and Dexter will remain inviolate. I miss the days when the detectives were doing something. The whole Angel/Batista thing was a major mistake. The guy was a good cop, once. And Quinn is no Doakes. There was an adversary...and one in the RIGHT...that was worthy of Dexter. Robogumshoe survives only because he's hidden...and he just screwed that this week. I have the secondary idea that Dexter gets painted into a corner precisely because he's happy and learning, through a healing process with Lumen, to let go. He isn't following the rules properly anymore...Just when he's going to stop, is when they find out what he is...Tres "Red Dragon"


I wholeheartedly agree. From the time Stiles appeared, following such a powerful portrayal by Lithgow in S4, I wasn't interested or excited. I just kept thinking about how great last season was and how they were going to force a romance down my throat after Rita had been such a central figure. By the time it actually happens (with Stiles/Lumen)I was onboard with it. It even makes sense. In all situations, Dext has had to conceal from everyone what is such a big part of his world. Further every one that he has revealed this to (or has figured it out) has wound up in bags (the shrink in S1, Dokes in S2, Jimmy Smits character in S3 --- watch out Lumen and Dirty Cop guy). This IS his soulmate. Someone, though damaged, who has seen him and embraced him for who he is. I'm so skeptical when it comes to storylines. If things don't follow logically or if a show doesn't follow it's own rules, I quickly lose interest. It seems that only the writers for this show could keep such a far fetched premise interesting after five seasons. You mentioned this has been a slow season. I think they all feel slow until the end. I know the past two weeks, I have had chills by the end. I was absolutely breath-taken when Stiles/Lumen was on that table. Sickened by the discovery of the DVD and it's chilling audio. Holding my breath when Deb and what's-his-face boyfriend/asshole cop guy are outside the killroom. This show has had me from hello. I thought after season two that I couldn't handle the cognitive dissonance of rooting for a mass murderer - especially if they had made him kill Dokes. But the way they wrapped that up, while still the weakest ending in all the seasons, made it possible to go forward. I can't wait till this is done. T-Dub

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With Lumen, I'm someone different. In her eyes, I'm not a monster at all.


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