Glee Round Table: "The Substitute"

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Gwyneth Paltrow + Glee = An amazing hour of television last night.

"The Substitute" was easily one of our favorite episodes in this show's history, as it was nothing but plain old fun. What stood out the most? We go over various aspects of the installment in this edition of the Glee Round Table...

What was your favorite quote from the episode?
Matt R.: Sue's advice to Will toward the end of the hour: "I suggest selling yourself on Craigslist under the heading of 'Men seeking Men with butt chins.'"

Steve M.: An easy choice with this classic from Brittany: "Mr. Schu taught me the second half of the alphabet. I stopped after M and N. I thought they sounded too similar and got frustrated."

Eric H.: Holly to Rachel: "You're like a total drag. Has anyone ever told you that?" Thank you! I love Lea Michele, but someone had to put this character in her place!

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What was your favorite performance from the episode?
Matt R.: Forget You. So much energy, such a great idea to cover the Cee Lo song whose lyrics are a tad more racy. I loved every second of it.

Steve M.: I second that, Matt! Just sit back and watch this video and tell me it's not as fun-loving a song as the show has ever done.

Eric H.: Gwyneth was great, but she was even better when on stage with Rachel. Their dance number to, hand and cane in hand, must have been a hoot to practice. It certainly was for me to watch.

Choose a side in the Sue/Mercedes' tater tot feud.
Matt R.: I'm actually on Team Sue. She may come across as an antagonist, and she didn't seem to have many health concerns when she gave Figgins the flu... but the decision to ban tater tots was an inspired one. Many schools around the country have taken action against poor cafeteria fare and I'm on board with them.

Steve M.: Team Mercedes. Come on. She stuffed food into Sue's tail gate and ruined "Le Car." Hilarious!

Eric H.: Team What About the Homeless People Who Could Have Been Given Those Tots Instead of Them Going to Waste? I liked Sue's idea, just not its execution.

Compare Gwyneth Paltrow to past guest stars.
Matt R.: She was my favorite, (jazz) hands down. I've made it clear in my reviews that I adore Glee, but not as much when it takes the overly preachy, PSA-like route. This episode was utterly entertaining, while still managing to mix in commentary on the economy and teaching in the age of social media. Holly Holliday injected a breath of fresh, fun air in to what can sometimes feel like a stale high school. I adored her.

Steve M.: I enjoyed her a lot, but she was only my second favorite blonde to appear on the show. My clear cut number-one choice? Kristin Chenoweth. Why? Three words: bowling alley karaoke.

Eric H.: Mike O'Malley is still considered a guest star, right? He's deserving of an Emmy for his portrayal of Kurt Hummel. I'll also take John Stamos over Paltrow, as I'm yearning to see more of his dentist in the near future.

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I did love Gwyneth on this episode, it was fun and energy filled and not so preachy as this rest of the season. But in terms of favourite guest stars - Idina and Kristen take the cake. Their voices are insane. Did anybody else think Gwyneth's singing voice is fairly poor? Save the singing for your hubby love!


Terri is a grade A creepster.
Gwyneth might have seemed cooler if guest stars that were infinitely better (Cheno, Menzel, Harris) hadn't already been on. Gwyneth was just kind of awkward and weird in comparison...
I did like Singin' in the Rain/Umbrella though - mostly for the choreography.


Eh! What a HORRIBLE EP! TOTAL RIP OFF of two songs/preformances I LOVE!
Nowadays from Chicgao - totally just a BAD re-hash of that dance routine and no way can either lea or paltrow come close to CATHERINE ZETA JONES! Not fit to clean her tap shoes!
And MAKE 'EM LAUGH! its a solo number - just had asian kid there as a filler! and again neither can live up to DONALD O'CONNOR! and just that dance routine re-hashed again! Season two is just taking musical numbers are RE-creating them 90% of the time! (Brittany/Britney as well!) Where is the ORIGINALITY gone! or am I just waking up to that fact Glee never actually had it!


Couldn't stand Gwyneth before the episode, and still can't. Extremely overrated, give me Chenoweth, Harris and Menzel any day!


Best quote: "By the way, beret's are out." ZING!


Thought I would hate it cos I thought Gwyneth would be a try hard. Then I remembered, she is a damn good actress.
"Make 'em Laugh" was amazing! I love Singin' in the Rain, and I'm glad through Glee a lot more people will learn about it and appreciate it.
"Forget You" was awesome, I was surprised, cept Gwyneth screaming WHY was kinda scary.


Isn't Gwyneth supposed to speak spanish really good? I remember an interview with her saying she spoke spanish very fluently. Her spanish was not good.


Neil Patrick Harris is still my overall fav guest star but Gweneth comes close. Loved the singing in the rain number at the end.


Gwyneth Paltrow is one of my least favorite guest star (tie with Charice). Talking about great guest, I would say Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth.
What I find kinda funny when I read the reviews on the net, it's like all the reviewers loved this episode, while in the comments a large number of the viewers didn't. That's really strange, maybe the basic viewer I am missed something but it was just an average filler episode for me


I really hated Terris baby voice. I still think Idina Menzel is my fav guest

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My years-long quest for power has finally bore fruit.


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