Gossip Girl Review: Seething With Hate

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Talk about going out with a bang.

The ending of "War at the Roses" was awesome. Like give-you-heart-palpitations awesome. The tension was likely boiling over in living rooms just as it was within Chuck.

Call it hate, love, or somewhere in between. Call it destiny. Call it the endgame of all endgames. When Chuck prepared to have his way with Blair on that table, it was hot.

Getting there was the only problem.

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Chuck and Blair finally got back together last night ... sort of.

Despite ending on that epic note, and the infinite potential of next week and future episodes, we didn't feel this one was the show's best up until that point. Some things didn't click.

It's not that we expect Gossip Girl to be believable, it's that this week seemed almost too convoluted and contrived at times, without the reliable doses of humor. But we disgress.

As Blair’s 20th birthday approaches, Nate and Serena have Blair and Chuck sign a legal peace treaty, one that prevents the ex-power couple from plotting to destroy one another.

Ridiculous as this is, it actually fits the characters and their over-the-top schemes. Their war games are, as Chuck suggests to Dan, far too complex for commoners to even grasp.

Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick can convince us of anything their characters do, as well, allowing for major creative liberties on the writers' part. Dan's role last night, though?

For whatever reason (Blair needing a new foil, basically), he decides to take Chuck and Blair down as revenge, and also to bring Jenny back to celebrate Lily and Rufus' anniversary.

Right away, we were skeptical. Why is Dan hell bent on this? Why is the one-year anniversary of a fifth marriage a big deal? Would sneaking J in be that hard? Would Chair care?

We can't say. But when he and Eric (?!) decide to plant a fake Gossip Girl story about Blair and Jack Bass hooking up, Chair sees right through it. Seriously, Dan, why even try man.

Meanwhile, Serena is still trying to resist Professor Colin. Six whole weeks is just too long. Juliet learns about S' woes and gets S to agree to let Juliet “chaperone” her at Blair’s party.

Her job? Distract Serena when Colin’s around. Seriously, they are reaching here. Juliet just volunteers this and S accepts? S can't be trusted not to maul Colin at a fancy function?

Eh, this is Serena, so we'll buy it.

Ms. Serena

Can Serena last six weeks without jumping Colin? Decisions, decisions ...

Of course, Nate convinces Serena be her "chaperone" instead, which messes up Juliet's plan, and Nate has to work hard to calm S down as she sees Colin flirt with someone else.

As if things weren't confusing enough, Nate sees Colin and Juliet, then assumes they’re dating and that Colin is Ben. Turns out Colin is Juliet's cousin and isn't in on this ... well, yet.

Things come to a head when Dan, having stolen the peace treaty and apparently read some juicy details, convinces a record exec named Rita that Blair's party is actually a roast.

Rita arrives with a video of Blair drunkenly serenading Chuck after a Robyn concert. Robyn is there personally, as well. This video humiliates Blair so much that she rushes away.

Again ... we don't see Dan pulling this off, or Blair not laughing off the incident. After all she's been through, Jenny included, THIS is a huge embarrassment to her? Come on guys.

Believing this was Chuck's doing, Blair confronts him until Dan reveals he was behind it. Rufus is disappointed he's become "one of them." So are we, for aforementioned reasons.

Juliet sneaks away to speak on the phone with Ben, who tells her that even if Colin is the professor in question, they have to use Serena’s relationship with their cousin to ruin her.

Serena and Colin decide not to sleep together - our girl has such willpower! - but they do kiss in his apartment. Juliet apparently managed to install a camera there to capture it.

Finally, Chuck emerges after Blair's party ends to tell her the deal is over. Friends have to like each other and they're not friends. Blair agrees that she can’t stand Chuck, either.

Peace treaty? Off. Pants? Also off. Aggressive sex? Oh, it's so on.

As Robyn's "Dancing On My Own" plays, the moment fans have waited for arrives, the night was somewhat redeemed, and if nothing else, we can't wait to see what happens next.

What did you think of last night's Gossip Girl? Discuss!


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Oh and that wasnt a table. That was a PIANO. Hot angry piano sex.


I guess the reason why Blair was so humiliated about the video was because it was being shown to the whole faculty of Columbia, just as she was trying to redeem herself. But the thing with Dan really is convoluted. Really? Two Humphreys in two episodes taking Chair down? Really?


I totally agree with you about the last scene with chair. That was like the cheesiest moment I've ever scene between them! And yea everything was so over the top! And why would Dan suddenly turn evil? Wasn't he the one who told Jenny that she was back for only a day and was mean again? That was so un-Dan like, and seriously how hard is it to sneak someone back into the city for one day? It's a huge city!


I love how C and B are wearing matching colors...the same colors (merlot and black) that they wore in Chuck in real life


Blair and Chuck definitly hooked up on Blair's 17th Birthday. It was the epic liner, "Blair: Do you... 'like' me? Chuck: Define like. Blair: You have got to be kidding me.
Chuck: How do you think I feel? I can't sleep! I feel sick, like there's something in my stomach... fluttering. Blair: Butterflies? Oh no, no, no, no no. This is not happening!
Chuck: Believe me no one is more surprised or ashamed than I am.
Blair: Chuck, you know that I adore all of God's creatures and the metaphors that they inspire, but those butterflies have got to be murdered! Haha & since Nate chickens out of coming up for Blairs party and stays outside with Jenny - Blair realizes that it is almost the end for her and Nate. And Chuck brings her comfort, he shows up to her party, gives her the necklace she put on hold for Nate to buy her and then Serena walks in on them making out on the bed. LOL Blairs 18th Birthday - Chuck was still reeling from the death of his father. So nothing happened there. And Blairs 19th Birthday - I think her and Chuck were broken up for some time because of the whole kissing the guy scheme gone wrong LOL And this years Birthday totally made up for the lack of the last 2 birthday HAHA


And why exactly was Blair pulling Nate towards the kitchen instead of just going to the bar?


My comment wasn't meant to be negative. I enjoy every single episode of Gossip Girl. But this was kind of a little over the top at all. With the treaty and everything. And Dan acting out. I mean he's all about revenge even though it was totally Jennys fault. Of course she is underage but considering everything she did she knew very well what she was getting herself into. So I'd prefer D would just get over it and be funny again. And Serena is always about her flings. This is getting old. All Im' saying. The video of Blair on the aftershow party was georgious btw.


i love serenate

Van ayson

why so negative? it was fun


It was her seventeenth birthday. I dont think chuck was invited to her 18th it was mostly based on cyrus. And they did not do a 19th

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