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Grey's Anatomy Review: "Slow Night, So Long"

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It was extremely entertaining watching Cristina switch careers and enter into the bartending world on last night’s episode “Slow Night, So Long.”

So far this season, Cristina has yet to let me down in terms of bringing it each week. I really wish she would get over her issues and return to being the doctor we all know and love, but until then, this week did bring in some light humor and laughs.

Cristina the Mixologist

Joe's face says it all.

The group goes to Joe’s to celebrate Derek’s grant and they find Cristina behind the bar wearing more make-up than I’ve ever seen her wear. Everyone is shocked, but Derek is the most concerned, feeling responsible for his demise and unable to enjoy his own victory.

But, just because Derek isn’t having a grand ol' time, doesn’t mean any of the rest of them aren’t boozing it up. Bailey and Teddy decide to let it all go and drink their problems away. They both end up back at the hospital because they're too drunk to drive home.

This leads Bailey and April to an unusual shared moment. Bailey opens up to April and tells her not to just give it up to any Alex, but to wait for a guy that’s worth it. Of course, April now believes they will be the best of friends, but Bailey shuts that down right away. 

Meanwhile, Callie just wants to get over Arizona. Mark tells her maybe she should just clean the pallet and start fresh. Who expected to find these two back in the sack?

From the look on Callie’s face in the morning, the sorbet, so to speak, didn’t change anything. In fact, it looks like it only made things more confusing and awkward for her.

If and when Callie and Arizona get back together, how will she explain this situation?

Calliope and Mark

This is going to be awkward now ...

Jackson is still dealing with the emotional trauma by screaming out in the middle of the night. Lexie tries to get him to open up about his issues, but he snaps at her. Thankfully, by the end of the episode he kind of lets her in by telling her:

Jackson: Just tell them that he's gonna feel pretty awful. That he lived and his brother died. That every time he feels glad to be alive, he'll hate himself for it. Just tell them to look out for it. He won't want to talk about it, but he'll be glad they know. | permalink

Just tell them that he’s gonna feel pretty awful. That he lived and his brother died. That every time he feels glad to be alive, he’ll hate himself for it. Just tell them to look out for it. He won’t want to talk about it, but he’ll be glad they know.

I was happy to see that Meredith didn’t wait to hear back from Dr. Stark. He in no way shape or form is able to fill Arizona’s loving and caring shoes. Who knows whether or not her patient would have survived if she and Alex didn’t dive head first into surgery on her patient?

It was strange that Joe let Cristina get as drunk as she did, even if he fired her beforehand. The patrons of the bar loved the stripper moves, but I was shocked that Owen wasn’t more upset that his new wife was dancing all up on some other guy.

Overall, I did find this episode to be pretty hilarious. With all the normal seriousness, it’s nice to see some funny drunk moments.

One final thought that my lovely man pointed out to me: why do they all still live in the same house? I get Izzie and George, but that was bygones ago! It’s time for Lexie, April, Alex, and Jackson to fly the coop and let these two lovebirds get their privacy back.

Since we have a two-week turkey break, I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Here are a few of my favorite Grey’s Anatomy quotes from last night:

Meredith: Good morning.
Derek: Goodnight. | permalink
Meredith: Remember when the chief said only two of us would make it?
Alex and Meredith: I thought it would be me and Cristina. | permalink
Meredith: Under the cover of darkness, people do things they never do under the harsh glare of day. Decisions feel wiser. People feel older. But, when the sun rises, you have to take responsibility for what you did in the dark. And face yourself under the cold harsh light of day. | permalink
Jackson: Just tell them that he's gonna feel pretty awful. That he lived and his brother died. That every time he feels glad to be alive, he'll hate himself for it. Just tell them to look out for it. He won't want to talk about it, but he'll be glad they know. | permalink
Mark: Water?
Callie: I want sorbet.
Mark: Sweet tooth? I think I've got cookies around here somewhere. Oh. Oh. Really?
Callie: Really. | permalink
Derek: (about Cristina) If she's going to act like a stripper, I'm going to act like a bouncer. | permalink
Teddy: Crap! I'm really drunk. | permalink
Bailey: Young people need love too. | permalink
April: Dr. Bailey! Ugh! I'm so glad you're here.
Bailey: I'm not here. You don't see me. I just need a nap before I go home, but first, I need some food. | permalink
Alex: (to Meredith) Let's play a game. There's only one rule. You don't call Starke. | permalink
Bailey: Sexual sorbet? Hahaha! I love it. | permalink
Callie: Did she mention me?
Teddy: What?
Callie: I know she writes to you so I'm asking you if she's mentioned me. | permalink
Derek: Yang is bartending. You know how disturbing that is? | permalink
Teddy: Okay again Mr. Perfect married guy you don't have to open your mouth. | permalink
Bailey: First round is on me.
Callie: Um guys? | permalink
Jackson: Nice face.
Alex: At least I can do surgery. How's that hand?
Jackson: It'd be better if you hadn't run your face into it. | permalink
Meredith: We doctors take pride in the fact that we can basically sleep standing up. Anytime, anywhere. But, it's a false pride because the truth is after twenty hours without sleep you might as well just come to work drunk, doctor or not. So it's no wonder that fatal medical errors increase at night when we doctors are proudly sleeping on our feet. Recently our communal pride has been shattered and our egos have been wounded by new laws that require we sleep all day before we work all night. We are not happy about it. But, as someone who might need medical care, you really should be. | permalink


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funny to see 3 female singal, drunk attendings are jealous on Cristina,
Hunt's a good mentor to Jackson who know he got the problem and provide him advice ( teddy's a fialed teacher to yang)
like to see Callie-Mark living together, so hot!! AZ needn't come back
to me the great part is last 2 mins, Owen take his wife home, no angry, only concern, and new F5 drive home same as old GA


I'm sorry but i'm heartily in love with Mark and Callie...
I always want them and i think they deserve a try as a couple...
Not only sex...also with all the love they have for each other!!!


Shonda just mentions that she saw JCap at a readthrough and at the time they were currently still filming GA Ep. 10 (she also mentioned not too long after that JCap returned to filming scenes). So there is a good possibility that there would be a tiny bit of Arizona appearing at the end of episode 10 (as a sort of cliffhanger).


Was so happy that Derek got the grant. He is the best guy and lives up to his McDreamy name. I just wish he and Meredith got to celebrate and had more screen time. They have amazing chemistry and some real romance would be nice. I wish they would move to the new house because the current living situation is ridiculous and awful to watch. It's the one thing I hate more than April. It was bearable with Alex and Lexie but now it's a joke. Mark and Lexie need to get back together. Cristina downward spiral is getting old. I want the badass Cristina back.


I remember someone saying that Jessica Capshaw was at the table read for Episode 711.


I agree that this thing with Christina has gone on too long. They had the high priced grief guy that wouldn't clear Meredith until she worked through her 'issues'. Now Christina has fallen into the abyss and none of these medical people are doing anything to get her to counseling or any kind of help. Just getting a little too out there for me. Does anyone think that Calllie may have gotten pregnant from her sorbet feast?


@ana114: Shonda said on Twitter that Arizona will be back in episode 11 not next episode 10 which is the next one. Episode 11 airs in January. Actually, Shonda said that wasn't going to reveal when exactly Arizona would return to our TV screens (or how). In fact the only time she gave us, was that Arizona will return SOON (whatever that means). So that could be next episode or very well episode 11 (In Jan). But Shonda R. didn't give us a specific date.


@Brittany - you are so true i also love the house with everyone living in it together. Mer is so mama bear i liked how they were seated in the car too... and Mer was driving it like a responsible mom with a bunch of kids.. i just love grey's.


Shonda said on Twitter that Arizona will be back in episode 11 not next episode 10 which is the next one. Episode 11 airs in January.


this episode was awesome! Bailey and Teddy drunk was hilarious. I never really liked Teddy but I'm coming around. Alex an Mer rocked it as always. I think Mark and Callie have an interesting relationship. They never really dated or were in any way commited to each other except though friendship. I love how close they are, but with that said, WHY THE SEX!!!!!!! I don't wanna think about Arizona's, or Lexie's for that matter, reaction though they honestly have no say. Oh and I happen to love them all living together. You have to know why though. That is 100% Mer. She likes feeling like the momma bear. Just look at it. Meredith and Derek are the parents, Lexie is the most responsible so she can be big sis, Alex and Jackson are the boys who are way to close in age so they fight about everything but still joke around, and April is so naive that she is the baby girl(have you noticed she is the new Izzie optomistic?). Anyways I really enjoyed this episode and I am looking way forward to Derek and Cristina bonding in the water and that Meredith and Owen blowout looks promising on the drama front.