Hawaii Five-O Review: "Hao Kanaka"

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This week's episode of Hawaii Five-O, "Hao Kanaka," had its action-packed moments, but found its true strength in the relationship of Danno and his ex-wife, proving it takes more than muscles to be a true Iron Man.

At last, viewers were given a chance to meet this supposedly evil woman, and it was nice to see that there was more to Rachel than the Psycho ring-tone and the many allusions to her unreasonable behavior in previous episodes. It was a good move to bring Rachel out in the open so that the audience had more to judge her on than faceless, over-the-phone arguments with Danno.

Danno and Daughter

There were a lot of unresolved issues between Danno and Rachel, and perhaps even a spark of romance remaining.

It will be interesting to see how things play out in future episodes, and I really do hope Rachel makes a few more appearances. Her presence helped to flush out Danno's character. And the slightly bitter banter between the two was fun to watch. It was also nice to see McGarrett's appreciation for Rachel's cooperation on the case combined with Danno's unease at being in his ex-wife's home.

The main story regarding jewel thieves planning a heist during a triathlon was fun, but riddled with tiny mistakes that were hard to over look.

My major contention being that most triathlons I have ever witnessed usually separate the female and male competitor groups into different heats, so I had a hard time believing that the co-ed group of robbers would be able to coordinate together as easily as they did. I grant that there may have been story off camera to explain that, but it seemed an odd mistake for the writers to make.  

Another faux pas was quickly admitted by the characters, but still felt unnecessary. I'm referring to the scene in the chiropractor's office where McGarrett decided that there was no time to walk a few feet to grab a kit in order to dust for finger prints, and grabbed dust from a vacuum instead to pull prints off of used bags of blood.

In previous episodes, I could see where time was a real factor, but this really seemed like a lame excuse to have McGarrett do a cool MacGyver move.

Hao Kanaka Scene

Also, Kono or Chin couldn't have brought Danno a computer from headquarters to use for the flash drive he found? Perhaps I'm being overly picky, but I think the writers could have found a better way to get Danno back over to his ex-wife's house to see his daughter and have that meaningful exchange of looks and veiled comments at the end of the episode.

Sure, for the most part, reality can be suspended for the Five-O, but there has to be a certain amount of realism in order for the fantasy to be fully accepted. Little things pulling the viewer from suspension of disbelief cause the bigger improbabilities to jump out, making for a choppy viewing experience.

In a fan-ish vein, I'd like to note that I found it hilariously cute that there's always a reason for McGarrett to remove his shirt, or have a manly fist fight on the beach, not forgetting that Kono usually gets into a swimsuit and into the water for some reason. There's always a little service for both genders, which thankfully actually suits the tone of the show more than deterring from it.

Overall, the series remains strong despite its occasional hiccups, maintaining just the right mix of action and storytelling that have kept me coming back week after week with high expectations.

No new episode next week. Have a safe and happy holiday.


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By a full season of HF-0, do they mean the old 20+ episodes or the new 10 (or even 5, like they did with V!!!) episodes per "season"?
I wouldn't want next week's show to be the season finale!


the song is "Want for Anything" by Ernest Ellis. Here's a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...


What was the name of the last song/last scene as they drove away from Rachel's house?


I'm a forgiving person for the plot holes you pointed out. Besides, my daughter would squel with delight that Hello Kitty made a guest appearance (ahem, product placement) on HF0. That and Alex O'Loughlin is so dreamyyyyyyyy. The show is on the right track, as you said.


For a show with high tech guns and gizmos, it was too cutesy last night when Danno had to use his daughter's Hello Kitty laptop to read a flashdrive. How come he can barely manage e-mail/texting on his phone yet he's fussy with his phone's ringtones for his ex, lawyer... Also, with StepStan's money, how come Danno's kid has such a slow laptop?


A really fun plot twist would be if... Rachel took one look at Steve McGarrett and promptly forgot about Danno and StepStan!


Ok, I loved when McGarrett took off his shirt. But when does Danno and Chin get a chance to take off their shirts. I mean OMG!!! I think all the men on the show are GORGEOUS!!!!!


Although the "new" Rachel is looking good, I'll miss Psycho Rachel and the many ranting opportunities.... guess they have new storylines ready, but what? She and Danno hook up again and she leaves StepStan for Danno? Unlikely.... StepStan gets killed and leaves the door open? for Danno Maybe.... and the delightful ringtone has to go - is there a Mother Theresa theme?
Now we're going to have a lovesick Danno. Bleah. Ranting Danno is much more interesting.
I don't like 180 degree character turns ... what's next, in his spare time, Victor Hess likes to make teddy bears for orphaned war children??????


H5-0 is a FUN show, action-packed! "Hao Kanaka" had that cool scene where Danno's ex drives her car into the neighbor's fence to save Danno, shirtless Alex and Kono diving into water, the weight-lifting interrogatation scene... but I especially enjoyed the creative manner each of the 4 members busted the criminals at the end befitting their personalities: Danno bumping his quarry with a cart, Kono smartly pulling a gun on her target, Chin tripping his biker with a water hose... and ta da, Steve bodyslamming his guy followed by a hard ninja kick and backflip: wow! All the fast action works because Alex/Steve can perform most of his stunts and the 5-0's have really come together as a team.


I agree with your review! This episode was great in providing more back story for Danno and his family - I liked the actress and the character being British; but it was weak on the crime aspect, since I was reminded of the plot of "Point Break" while watching. Also, the villains seemed void of any personality and not as engaging like the usual mice to our 5-0 cats. I didn't think anything of the Hello Kitty lap top, except that such a little child owned a laptop, and indeed I thought the vacuum dust-fingerprint was an obvious insert of Steve's McGyver skills. But I enjoyed the episode nonetheless, mainly due to the visual aspect, haha I do love Steve's shirtless/sleeveless moments, and I think Kono is beautiful no matter how she is dressed. The show does a splendid job of showcasing its gorgeous cast, as well as the vibrant city of O'ahu!

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I've been calling you like you owe me money.