Hawaii Five-O Review: "Mana'O"

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This week's episode of Hawaii Five-O kicked off with a body found in a luau pit.

Seems like the opening for a standard procedural cop show, right? But the shocking reveal is used as the introduction to an emotional and exciting adventure, one that focused on the death of a cop suspected of being a mole by Internal Affairs.

Finding a Dead Body

There was a great connection between partners on "Mana'O," as McGarrett struggled with the thought that Danno was ignoring evidence just because he had a personal connection to the dead officer. In true McGarrett fashion, he took nearly half the episode to understand why Danno trusted his gut feeling over actual evidence.

In the end, Steve actually handled his partner with more understanding than I thought he would. It was also a nice touch to have Chin and Danno bond over the false judgments of Internal Affairs.

Elsewhere, Bastille - an art/drug dealer - was played to perfection by Bronson Pinchot. The drive McGarrett and Danno took Bastille on was chock full of action-packed hilarity, and I enjoyed the added touch that Bastille was tied to the car with a modern art piece.

Overall, this episode was held together with team work. There was a bump and grab of a wallet in the art gallery that was performed by all four members of the Five-O unit, and it showed just how well everyone worked together.

I think the lesson learned from the mediocrity of the previous week's episode was that things are better when the team isn’t divided, or, at the very least, things are better when McGarrett and Danno are not apart for a full hour.

This episode saw the capture of the HPD mole, which leads me to wonder if there was only the one, or if there are more layers of corruption in the force. McGarrett’s father seemed to think so in his tape recording from the first episode. It’ll be fascinating to see how the next installments shapes up and in what direction this mystery goes.

Bronson Pinchot on Hawaii Five-0


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I agree with you. Yeah it's fun to see where they are going and I like the high tech as well. As I say though I don't want them to keep Steve with that nasty ass audittte forever. Grace Park is Jin's cousin on the show and I like that. She I think is going to be involved as you say with Danno. You are right, they just click


OMG now I know what happened to Balki...
I would have strapped him on the car the other way, though. Seeing what's coming at you would be scarier.


Thanks Linda. However,I thought they said he knew him longer than that. And if they were partners, why didn't Danno know anyone in his department in the beginning? Maybe I'm missing something. Not sure.


To Chin: Danny had been with the Honolulu PD for six months before he joined Steve's task force. The dead man had been
his partner.


I LOVED last week's epi on the battleship!!!!! It was something different and I thought the face off between the 2 Seals was actually pretty cool. You really gotta love a military man. And both O'Loughlin and Beach played well off one another. But I liked this epi too. The banter in the car between McGarrett and Danno is always worth the investment of the hour.


Maybe I missed something, but how was Danno friends with this guy for so long when he JUST got to Hawaii?......


You called last week's episode 'mediocre'. Any episode that features the Steve McGarrett character could never be mediocre. He is the dramatic 'heart'of this show. Alex's team and the great
Adam Beach and Robert Loggia also made it a great episode. Each of the team will be given their time to shine and last nights' happened to be Danno's. It was a very good episode, but it isn't
him that keeps me glued to the screen.


Well written & well acted by all. I like to see the continuity & continuation from prior episodes, i.e. Danno connecting with his Halawa Prison inmate from prior episode. It also dug into the culture of HPD, which is nuanced to say the least. Take a read from "Death on Diamond Head" by John Madinger - a local law enforcement officer.
Hope the writers, et al keep it up. This was one of the three best episodes so far.


i found this episode quite good,they are starting to bond the team as a family now which makes them get each others back no matter what,great job

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