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I liked everything about this episode of House, except the end.

Amber Tamblyn made a solid debut on "Office Politics," as her overly ethical Martha M. Masters could have felt like a rip-off of Cameron, except she has the added bonus of being a genius. She seems like the ideal foil for House, someone smart enough to keep up with his brain, yet honest enough to, well, keep him honest. Or at least attempt to.

It might get old to some, but I never tire of House's rationale for misleading patients and doing what he knows to be right. Example from this episode: calling Masters out for lying when it doesn't matter (to her grandmother over a present) and not lying when it does (to save a man's life). Good stuff.

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Once Martha officially got the job, she expressed subtle excitement for coming back to work for this unusual, intelligent man. I feel the same way about her addition to the show.

I'm also a big fan of Jack Coleman, aka The Only Good Thing About Heroes on Seasons Two Through Four of That Failed NBC Drama. He was fun to watch as the political consultant patient of the week, and I can't be the only one hoping he gets a regular gig on some series in the future, can I?

Can't you just imagine him as a grizzled detective of some kind?

Even Taub kept my interest for a week, as his storyline gave Foreman a few funny lines - and a nearly embarrassing defeat at basketball. It was the most entertaining House's underlings have been in awhile.

So that brings me to the conclusion of the hour. First, I was disappointed that we needed to even spend a minute on Huddy drama. It would have been okay to just accept these two as a happy couple for an episode.

But more importantly, I don't buy the idea that Cuddy would be so distressed by action's fabrication of that positive test. Is she really surprised that he'd do such a thing? Isn't this the man she hired and keeps on staff because his occasionally illegal actions get results? And didn't she tell him when they started dating that she doesn't want him to change?

Compared to past actions, what House did wasn't even that far-fetched or immoral. If Cuddy gets angry at House as his boss, I'll be okay with this development. But if his lying at work becomes an issue in their personal relationship, it won't feel like anything other than a contrived obstacle because the writers feel a need to shake this pairing up.

Do you agree? Does this feel like a legitimate reason for Cuddy to have beef with House? Or a desperate attempt to create drama? Browse through our section of House quotes and sound off now.


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I don't think it was so much the actress as it was the writing of this episode that made it hard to watch. I do not know how successful Seth Hoffman was with Prison Break (I guess the scene in jail was a tip of the hat to the fact he worked on that series), but I do know that the extremely awkward stuff could have been presented way more intelligently than it was. In fact, both House and Mathers could've been approached with more intelligent writing (as good as the internet joke was in the preview, it fell flat [no pun intended] when seen in context). Mathers could've been allowed a longer period explaining the architecture of the politician's house to really get the effect of social awkwardness in there, but being cut off and forced to be to the point sort of killed it. Otherwise, I agree - that was funny seeing Taub and Foreman face such an issue, and then adding Chase at the just the right time added some welcome spice for flavor. Perhaps the writer of the next episode noticed these things and wrote accordingly for the next episode.


I just was not impressed with the character at all......maybe a different perhaps a little more attractive?? She just didn't fit the part or the team? I agree that Cuddy should not be surprised by House's lie for that is who he is. She is with him for all of his wacky ways per say.
Don't know how long the Martha Masters will be on, but if turns into a long term character, I think I will have to move on from watching.....she was hard for me watch!


I was surprised to like what they did with Amber Tamblyn. I've liked her in both her "God" show (can't think of name) and thought she had the perfect role in "The Unusuals." I couldn't see her playing a doctor, though -- but a brainiac medical student still figuring out ethics in the real world, someone who can appreciate House intellectually while being too naive to decode him as a real person in the real world ... and too shy to know what to say to Taub ... was all actually suspend belief believable to me. In fact, unlike all of the others, her character doesn't seem likely to bend herself and her principles and medical methodology so contritely and thoroughly to fit herself into the House team jigsaw puzzle ... but might, over several episodes, force the team to include her as the person/genius/"young" thinker she is!

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I loved the character of Martha, she was like a breath of fresh air and Taub's issue with her did indeed make Foreman amazing feat! That being said, can we just ditch Taub altogether and keep 13 and Martha on the team with Chase and Foreman, I can see endless amusement from that setup!


I'm just glad there is a new character house! Can't believe that cuddy is getting angry over something less serious than what he has pulled. The writers were trying to find something to rock the huddy boat which was very transparent. I've always like Amber hope she stays after Olivia Wilde makes her comeback.

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