Is the End Near for Weeds?

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On this week's season finale of Weeds, Nancy sacrificed herself for her family and took responsibility for Pilar's murder.

Naturally, there's more of this story to tell next season - but probably not beyond. Creator Jenji Kohan strongly hinted that the Showtime hit may call it quits after a seventh season.

"Everyone's contract is up next year, [including] the actors and mine. Seven years is a good run, and I'd rather leave while on top. I'd never say never, but I have a feeling this might be it," she told TV Guide.


As for Kohan's thoughts on Nancy's decision and anything going forward, excerpts from the interview are below:

On Nancy turning herself in: She couldn't hide from her behavior anymore, or from what her behavior had wrought. There was just too much evidence that things were not going to get better as much as she hoped they would. Danger would always follow them. There's been so many reminders this year of how she was failing — no one was letting her off the hook — and she finally just had to deal with that.

Will Andy ever get with Nancy? He's a very determined young man. I don't know. I think they're very afraid of ruining what they have. There's a very real potential to ruin what they have with sex. It would change everything. It's like toast: Once you're toast, you can never be bread again.

Does Kohan know how it will end? I do, which I would never reveal. There are two versions of the end of the series that I've had in mind, and it would be figuring out which way to go.

Chime in, TV Fanatic: Would you be sad to see Weeds go after next season? Or does the timing feel right?

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    Sad?????!!!!! It would be a crime to end this matter how many seasons!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure there's a steady stream of fresh Weeds episodes in heaven. I just know it!


    ok, i'm just sad............... i'll miss the show!


    The seventh season it should be their last and not because it is bad,is just because they should really "rather leave while on top".