"It's Time"

Is it even possible to go legit? We'll find out as the Botwins reach a crossroads on the series finale of Weeds.

"God Willing and the Creek Don't Rise"

On Weeds, Nancy, Silas and Andy travel back home as Shane gets caught with stolen property.


Silas ponders a major professional move on this episode of Weeds, while Andy goes through a slight hitch in his relationship status.


Silas is presented with a major of offer on this episode of Weeds, while Andy makes a big decision of his own.

"Five Miles From Yetzer Hara"

Nancy bonds with Jill on this episode of Weeds, while Shane and Silas both react differently to their new jobs.


Nancy, Silas and Andy are start new jobs on this episode of Weeds. Shane, meanwhile, graduates as a police officer.

"Allosaurus Crush Castle"

Doug and Andy receive shocking news this week, while Nancy and Silas make a major career change.

"Red In the Tooth and Claw"

On Weeds, when Nancy can't afford Stevie's soccer expenses will she go back to her pot-selling business? Jill uses Doug to get back at Andy.

"Only Judy Can Judge"

Nancy yearns to bond with her son on this episode of Weeds. But her old life gets in the way.

"See Blue and Smell Cheese and Die"

On Weeds, Andy coaches the twins roller derby team in the hopes of impressing Jill. Doug worries about his finances after he loses his job.