Nikita Review: "Phoenix"

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We all wear masks. Everyone, everyday. Sometimes we wear them so much we forget who we really are. Sometimes, if we’re lucky, someone comes along and shows us who we really want to be; who we should be. - Nikita

Unfortunately, "Phoenix" was not my favorite installment of Nikita, mostly to due its stalled forward movement.

I’m such a big fan of this show because it manages to take on a different case each episode, while still maintaining a storyline between Nikita/Michael (Mikita?) and Alex/Thom. This week, there was a tease of the bigger picture when the Ari the Russian offered Nikita protection and equipment, but she made it useless and unnecessary by turning it down. Unless Ari pops up again in the future, that is.

Hairy Situation

Another thing about this show that surprises me each week are Nikita’s antics. She never fails to do something that makes you as impressed by her intelligence as her physical prowess. She covers all her bases, and always in some comical way. Poor Chip.

I’m bummed that the action between Alex and Thom was only a way for Alex to use the latter. The look on her face afterward did make me question if there were feelings, but for now I believe it to be just a diversion. Nikita trained her well. Well enough to take a broken wrist to get the antidote. What do you think of Thom as an agent? I’m not sure he can hack it.

You have to love Birkhoff and his one-liners. Even though he was only in one or two scenes this week, he managed to get his word in. I can’t say I’m upset at the lack of Percy. I’m aware that viewers are supposed to hate Percy’s character, but I do wish the writers would give him some interesting dialogue, or something to look forward to in his scenes.

Meanwhile... do I spy Mikita teaming up next week? Are you excited about that, TV Fanatics?


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This episode was amazing, I loved all the twists and the action. Nikita refusing help made perfect sense and when Nikita and the clearner were playing their little game of hide and seek it was perfectly suspenseful


I loved it and actually the Russian suspense touch was amazing... its promises some really strong story lines next week... Nikita is Hot and her body language to die for... did ya saw how she takes off the jacket and leather pants and becomes the most sophisticated lady in the party in blink... Maggie Q. nailed it every bit of this character.. love her.


tati, I'm actually not too worried about a new CIA love interest for Nikita (If they do actually follow through with that storyline), but I am a little disappointed they're doing it to 'lighten the mood' of the show as it was reported. I think that's a big mistake. Part of why I enjoy this version of Nikita so much more than La Femme Nikita (which was a great show) is because of how dark it is. The CW network as a whole gets crap ratings anyway, but TVD and Nikita are the two highest-rated and most watched shows on the network (in that order). I don't think bringing in a CIA love interest for Nikita will help as much as they think it will, since from what I've heard it's the older end of the target demographic that is watching Nikita compared to the other shows. I have no doubts the show will explore Michael/Nikita at some point and the sexual tension between them is off the charts. I'm loving the buildup so as much as I want them together, I don't want it rushed either. I'm so damn excited about them working together in the next episode, though. ^TL, the whole Michael/Nikita dynamic was a huge part of the original TV series, so I actually think it's pretty important to the show. But, that's just me. And, Shane himself as said in a few interviews now that they will be delving into that past over the course of the season and hopefully get deeper into it as the years go by. So, it sounds to me like they're keeping with that dynamic being a pretty important part of the storytelling. And, I'm very glad about that. I actually don't think they're focusing too much on Michael/Nikita or Alex/Thom at all. If anything, I'd love to see MORE interactions between those two potential pairings. There was a severe lack of Michael/Nikita interaction over the past few episodes IMO, so I am psyched about next week's episode. I've been waiting for them to team up at some point ever since the show started. So, I'm definitely looking forward to the next episode. FINALLY!


I know people watch shows for different reason, but focusing too much on Nikita/Michael and/or Alex/Thom is a bad idea. This show is not about romantic trysts but about revenge and redemption. I was bummed when I learned that they're going to CWify this show by adding a "love interest" to appeal to female viewers because it could take away from what already works.


I know they are supposed to be bringing in a CIA love interest for Nikita, to help with the flagging numbers of the CW's target demographic, but I really want to see her together with Michael. I'm happy to see they will be working together in the next episode :) I felt a bit of a spark between Alex and Thom--she might be trying to remain uninvolved but, she's a young girl, and she's gotta be lonely in that place. I'm sure Nikita is fully aware of the dangers that await Alex if she goes down that path, though, so I look for N. to assist Alex with staying on the straight and narrow--I just don't think it will work :P

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A killer with a conscious; it's no wonder they cut you loose.


The target from yesterday, she's still dead right? Cause she just clocked into work.