One Tree Hill Review: Snoooooze!

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The best thing about this week's episode of One Tree Hill is that it didn't get me excited, but at least I never yelled at the TV.

The worst thing about this week's episode of One Tree Hill? Athough it didn't get me excited, I never yelled at the TV.

Whether it positive or negative, I want an hour to watch that evokes some sort of emotion. It's safe to say that "Luck Be a Lady" didn't accomplish that task.

Brooke and Sylvia

This feels like blasphemy to write, but sometimes I feel like I'd rather have an episode that I absolutely detest, such as this season's premiere, rather than one about which I am completely ambivalent.

Something that worked from the installment: Julian nervously trying to invite the boys to a poker night.  Something that didn't work: the actual poker night.

Julian Baker is having a great bounce back season on a comedic level.  Being all nervous before calling Nate and Clay, like he's asking them out on a date, was hilarious.  Alex needed to prep him before every call and he got all excited when Clay agreed to come. Such juvenile exuberance that is nice to see out of him.  Last year, he was way too serious all the time, and it got really old.

Once the poker night unfolded, things just got less entertaining.  Everyone yelling at each other and being all angry?  Not interesting.  I really could have checked out during these scenes and just come back when the Chase/Alex/Mia love triangle started to heat back up.

Speaking of the spicy love triangle... things really kicked into full gear. As I think about how this season has progressed, I'm really happy with how they've dealt with this storyline.  First, Mia is gone so Chase gets with Alex, then Alex leaves so he patches things up with Mia for a while.  Now Alex is back and it's a full on slap fight.

This guy just really doesn't know how to handle this situation.  Chase got slapped in the face twice, but in no way can I feel bad for a dude that is being fought over by Alex Dupre and Mia Catalano.  I'd either like to see Chase and Alex end up together, because the crazy movie star gets a bad rap, or for him to pull a Kelly Taylor and say "I choose me."

Totally Passed Out

The rest of the episode was just lackluster.  From Brooke and Sylvia at the wedding expo, to Nathan making his way to Atlanta to perform agent duties on behalf of Clay, it got boring at times.  I can see the Haley story with this Erin girl from the crisis center paying off down the road, but for one night it didn't bring much to the table.

One Tree Hill is in a decent flow right now, but I hope the action picks up as the next couple of episodes come along.  The last thing you need on a prime time soap is ambivalence.

Other Thoughts:

  • No Quinn or Jamie this week.  Take a guess which one I was happy to see missing and which I was sad about.
  • I liked the opening theme this week. It was performed by Lucas Field from Low vs Diamond.
  • Skills carrying around a Lucas Scott mannequin was just plain weird, but I enjoyed that they once again had some Lucas memories.  When did they stop doing the Dear Lucas openings?  Did they not have it last week or the week before?  I can't remember.
  • Julian's dream sequence of how he wanted his entrance to the poker night to be was awesome.  I wish that was how it actually happened.


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Saad khan

I think Lucas and Payton are coming Back... Bx Lucas every week that must be something ? Right? and Lucas without Payton well that would be Empty... I miss them everytime... it will be great to see them at Julian and Brooke's Wedding... :-)
One Q always hit me How Sophia Bush still deals with Chad M.Murray? will his come back affect her... We will Never Know from last 4 years they never talked about that Like Ever and NoOne even asked them On Live talk shows either where they appear time to time!


julian is sooo funny!!! and what was chase thinking when he kissed mia? i agree with jenn and daniella, i miss naley's moment and of course they should bring back haley's poncho!! =D


person writing review, seriously why do you keep watching it if you always have bad things to say about it??
some of us still like the show ...geees
yes it isnt as good as it first started..but i still love OTH !!
always will. and EllsBellsxoxo, i agree with you!


I agree with Jenn! There should be a round table for One Tree Hill. Please TVF?!?!? You know what else I miss about OTH? Pretty much everything from the past seasons. The should focus more on Naley, Jamie, the pregnancy and Brulian. THEY SHOULD BRING HALEY'S PONCHO BACK. And Nathan and Haley should go out for a date night, maybe something involving cracker jacks and hot steamy sex (chair anyone?). They haven't been spending much time together lately. I would love to see more of Naley. Mark Schwann really needs to read these comments and listen to us die hard OTH fans to save the show.


I think TVF should start up a round table for One Tree Hill. I would lovee to be a part of that :). What I really miss about the show is the character background monologues at the beginning and ends of the episode. Those were the best. The need to also need to bring up more P.Sawyer and L.Scott references ("Dear Lucas"). Maybe they could even have phone calls or text messaging going on just to keep Lucas and Peyton in the mix. This week Brooke told Mother Baker that Haley is her best friend.. I guess Peyton will not be asked to be her maid of honor. Also, I would like for the show to be more focused on the pregnancy/horomones like it was in season 4 when Naley was pregnant with Jamie. I love/miss the cute Naley moments. I can't wait to see how Jamie reacts to the new baby. Also, going back to the earlier episode where Haley and Nathan both went to the doctor for check ups, I want to see if there are any complications with the pregnancy or if Naley ends up with twins. I hope they have a scene where they are decorating the nursery. Or a check up with the doctor. I am loving Julian this season!! He is soo adorable! I felt so bad for him during the poker game. Though I already knew he was gonna choose the "best mannequin", I was really hoping for Nathan to be the best man. And I hope Brooke gets the wedding of her dreams. After everything she has been through, she deserves it. Hopefully Brulians next step is adoption.. Or a miraculous pregnancy. I would love that! I am getting tired of the Chase/Alex/Mia love triangle. They need to bring back Chris Keller or Bevin or Jake!


Well, I disagree with the review of this week episode. I think that it was good (well I have to say it wasn't as hilarious as usual) but it was good..
Oh the Lucas mascotte was awesome... I was nostalgic when I saw it..
I have to say, I missed Jamie...and for the next episodes please I want more Brulian scenes.. These two put the screen on fire..And some more Naley scenes... Other than that...I LOVE OTH!! Can't wait to have CMM back on the show even if it's for one episode!!!


I loved this episode! I thought Skills carrying around the Lucas mannequin was funny as hell! But I predicted who would be Julian's best man lol. I think that Erin girl is going to be a little crazy.So just has that way about her, maybe she'll become obsessed with Hayley or something.. I love the Julian scenes and his dream sequence. I like that Chase got bitch slapped. I think maybe Brooke will black mail her future mother in law to get the dream wedding she ultimately wanted. Overall I really enjoyed this episode.


Would it be possible to have someone review OTH that doesn't hate it? I think it would only be fair to those of us who like it and read your reviews.


that is rather tree hill is one of the only realistic shows, and i really like it...there are none of these stupid impossible storylines like in all the other girly wonder it is on its 8th season, its because it is good


I thought this episode was good, it felt like old OTH when they would do a few light hearted episodes before getting into the real drama to give everyone a bit of a break.
I thought finding out how Mouth got his nickname was hilarious and all the references to the old Nathan were nice.
And YAY! for no Quinn and even Jamie, he's cute but they give him way too much screen time.
It felt like being back in season 2 or something and it was so much better. =]

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