Nathan: (To Haley) You should have seen the way he looked at me. I haven't felt that stupid since high school, and at least then I could beat somebody up to feel better.
Haley: Well don't beat yourself up. It was just your first try, did you make the first basket you ever shot?
Nathan: Yeah.
Haley: Oh...
Nathan: To be fair, I was two and the basket came up to my waist. But, stats are stats.

If I wanted to look stupid I would have stayed at home and played Trival Pursuit against Haley. I didn't have to fly to Atlanta to do it.


Erin: Did you really like my music? Or did you just not want a suicide on your hands?
Haley: I really liked it.

I'm not that good a person. I've been dealing you cards from the bottom of the deck all night.


Mrs. Baker: What kind of wedding doesn't have a champagne fountain.
Brooke: Mine.
Haley: Mine either...I wish it did, though.

What a random and total coincidence, my best friend Haley is here, unexpectedly.


Junk: A poker night.
Chase: Good going Julian!

Mrs. Baker: Do you know what that dress is missing?
Brooke: Style?

Mrs. Baker: You can't control mother nature.
Brooke: Or Mother Baker.

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