One Tree Hill Review: "Mouthful of Diamonds"

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At this risk of incurring the wrath of readers, I'm gonna to have bad things to say about One Tree Hill once again this week. 

Nothing really happened on "Mouthful of Diamonds" and in the moments when meaningful action could have been taking place, it was once again drowned out by the music.

Tony Gonzalez on OTH

The major problem I had with season seven, and a good chunk of season six, was that there was way too much song overlay.  A great song placement can do wonders in adding drama to a scene.  This is something I thought One Tree Hill did really well in the early days. 

I always commended its use of music.  Somewhere around the middle of season six, I started to notice how much of the show was nothing but music.  We would go scene to scene with an over-sappy song playing over an over-dramatized moment.  It got to be too much.  You can't accentuate the dramatic moments with great song placement when you're doing it for the entire 42 minutes.

This is a problem I thought the series started to get away from as the eighth season began, but this week I noticed it big time.  The whole episode felt like one long music montage.

I'm sure some of the moments were fantastic for  viewers.  Haley's heartfelt conversation with Erin and Brooke and Julian's "happiness" moment come to mind, but none of it worked for me because it all seemed over-the-top soapy.

But I give credit where credit is due. Mark Schwann has done a great job at securing athletic facilities for this show.  We got a chance to see the Bobcats' arena before, and this week we were welcomed into the home of the Atlanta Falcons.  It was really nice to see on screen.

Where things get tricky was in the writing of the stories that coincide with those facilities. "Guy has been in the league 14 seasons, first ballot Hall of Famer, and he's putting in extra work."  This line is the most obvious thing your generic sports fan would say.  If you have any idea about sports, this is even too obvious to state.  The kid you're talking to was a first round pick in the NFL draft, he gets it.

We were also blessed with a special guest starring role by Tony Gonzalez.  While it was great to see him get so much screen time, actually doing a nice acting job here, I have one question.  Why is he so concerned about this Troy Jamison signing? Does Matt Ryan not exist in the One Tree Hill universe?  While we're at it, why would the Falcons have drafted such a highly touted QB when they have a young star in Ryan?  Silly.

I definitely could have done without Chase and Mouth's story this week.  Brooke's time with Julian was great, but the Mother Baker stuff wasn't all that interesting.  The Haley/Erin/Mia stuff was probably my favorite aspect of the show.  I loved when Mia first came on as an up and coming artist, and I'm kind of digging Erin in such a similar role.  From what I've seen from her so far, I have no doubt she could continue to recur like Kate Voegele has.

Other Thoughts:

  • Jamie returned this week, but no Quinn.  Where has she gone?
  • I enjoyed the opening theme once again this week.  It was performed by Grace Potter.
  • Do obituaries come out weeks after deaths?  Because they either do in the One Tree Hill universe or Clay has really old papers lying around.  His ghost friend from the hospital died a long time ago, right?
  • I feel like Clay has spent way too long around dead people since he joined the show.  Come up with some new stuff for this guy, please.


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This show is getting dulll I agree so they need to spice it up with the good stories and trust me right now only Chad and Hilarie can save it... I think they are coming back at least they are saying Lucas in every episode and even this time Brooke through Water balloon by and remember Payton who use to do that... Oh I miss them so much they have to come back.


To me, it definitely did not end when Chad and Hilary left. I think Nathan and Haley have the potential to carry this show, and they have proven this last season. But I do have to agree that this season is not good. There needs to be more drama and a greater concentration on the main characters, not the guests! I also think the music style has changed since the first few seasons. The awesome rock music has changed into something mellow and "dramatic". The show is just different and I would hate it to end on a bad note because this show was at one point the most amazing show on TV.


The part where Nathan said, "Guy has been in the league 14 seasons, first ballot Hall of Famer, and he's putting in extra work." isn't a pointless statement at all. Although obvious, it was just used for EMPHASIS, much like the capitals for emphasis.


Don't agree here at all! I actually loved this episode, and thought the music helped along the dramatic moments. Sounds like you're one of those people that is much too attached to the old one tree hill, but a show really has to evolve to stay on the air this long. If you dont like it, don't watch it. :)


I have watched one tree hill since the first episode, and I used to love this show... but this season has been hard to watch, I got to the point where when i'm watching oth i do other stuff in the same time, surf on the internet or whatever, the episodes are boring and the music during the whole episode doesn't make it easier... now you will tell me "if you don't like it stop watching", I can't! I was 15 when I started watching this show and it has grown on me, so obviously I want to know how it ends... I hope that this is the last season, and that they will improve the quality of the storylines, and easy on the sad songs.... I miss my old OTH with real drama, real storylines and less music...


totally agree with sophia!!!


all i have to say is
GET SOME NALEY SCENES GOING !!! gees, now that LEYTONS gone, we need to get some old OTH back in he show!!
dont really care about the whole sport agent thingy, seriously.
clay = boring
mouth, just no interest anymore!! and he used to be on of my fave!!!
and brooke julian = SO CUTE!!! NEED MORE DRAMA ASWELL!!! i mean we've had Dan, Nanny carrie etc!!


wow, if you guys all think it ended when hilarie and chad left ? then stop watching..really i think one tree hill is great, yes maybe this episode wasn't exciting but still is intersting, and i think its one of the only realistic show, i still love it


I really thought that OTH had found its mojo again at the beginning of this season, but now it just seems like they are running out of storylines. These last few episodes have been very disappointing. The whole Chase/Alex/Mia storyline has no depth to it at all. There needs to be more Nathan/Haley scenes that don't consist of the two of them just talking about life. Give 'em some drama. God knows the two of them can pull it off brilliantly. Give Brooke something deeper than what she's having to deal with right now. Like a baby. :) And what was the purpose of the whole program director dropping by to tell Mouth that he was going to try to get him a job and then couldn't. That was the most ridiculous story of the evening. This show has so much talent and it feels like they are just wasting it.


WHAT HAPPENED TO ONE TREE HILL? It used to be soo good, and now it's a big snoozefest. I loved the four first seasons, they were great, but now nothing really happens. I watch a tv show to get away from my own life and experience something different. My life is kind of boring, but let me tell you: Now, my life is soo much more exciting than this tv show, and that is saying something. This episode felt like a filler episode, which would be okay if the rest of the season had some good episodes, but it just feels like they are doing the same things over and over again, without getting forward. I would've wished that the show ended when Hilary and Chad left, because they were a big part of the show, and now all we get is a mention of them from time to time, how about a guest appearance? In season 1-4 the show had heart, good storylines and an appeal to most people. A lot of the character just seems to be around without really having a big part in the whole storyline, just fillers. Okay,I'm rambling..Just miss my old OTH, it used be all (okay, not all) I ever talked about.

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Happiness is not a destination. It is a mood, it is not permanent. It comes and goes and if people thought that way then maybe people would find happiness more often.


Sorry for the guy who has to clean up this place, which is me.


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