Erin: Are you sure you're qualified to work at a crisis center?
Haley: I don't know about qualified, but I've definitely been there.

To trust someone with my music, is to trust them with everything I have in the world.


You make me incredibly happy, Brooke Davis, but we all struggle sometimes.


My life is good. My son, on the other hand, is wearing headgear.


Just because your son is in love with me, it's no reason to take it out on my liquor cabinet.


Jerry: Dude, were you really just plunging toilets?
Mouth: Yeah, we really gotta stop serving tamales at happy hour.
Jerry: You know how guys are, huh?
Mouth: It was the girls' bathroom.

As long as you pout about your braces, Momma's rocking the eye patch all the time...everywhere!

Haley [to Jamie]

Some people look a little different. Some people are a little different. I think that's cool.


Parents coming home tired from work and still have time for their kids. That's who I respect.

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