Private Practice Review: "What Happens Next"

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We've often commented, and not always positively, about how the characters on Private Practice are routinely placed in difficult, if not unspeakably terrible situations.

This often strikes us as melodramatic and unrealistic, not to mention upsetting. However, the way Charlotte's current story is playing out is compelling, startlingly real.

"What Happens Next" chronicled exactly that. In typical Charlotte fashion, she returned to work and tried to move past what happened, but it simply wasn't possible.

Shattered Charlotte

For Charlotte, it's going to be a long road back.

Everyone tries to help in their own way, as one's friends and colleagues would in real life. Some are overt, some more indirect. Some are a bit more successful than others.

It's supremely well done on the part of the writers and actors, even if the plot itself turns some viewers off. KaDee Strickland makes you feel Charlotte's pain like your own.

The rest of the cast is terrific, too, grappling with what happened as it pertains to a close friend/partner, but also to themselves, as Addison and Sheldon in particular found.

While naked in bed underneath Sam (quite the sexy afterthought), Addison reveals that she gathered DNA evidence from Charlotte, but withheld it and thus broke the law.

By the end, Addison contacts the authorities to reveal that she has evidence of a rape that needs to be processed. Sheldon tells police he knows the victim of their suspect.

Whether she's forced to confront her attacker may be weeks, if not months off, if it happens at all. That's what makes this story so good in a way, like it evolves in real time.

Despite her tough exterior, but it’s obvious Charlotte's hurting, big time. When Violet tries again to speak to her - detailing her own rape in college - it's too much to handle.

Charlotte finally lets out her emotions after Violet leaves. So sad, but moving. When she asks Amelia to take her to an AA meeting, it's clear this recovery will take a while.

The night's cases featured a pair of people basically willing to give up the fight and pass away for the sake of others they loved. Typically heavy stuff from Private Practice.

Sheldon treats a woman, Rachel, who beats husband Nick because a tumor has boosted her testosterone levels. Surgery to fix the tumor does not go smoothly whatsoever.

At this point, it's either go into hospice care or continue an uncontrollable pattern of outbursts. In a heartbreaking decision, she decides to put Nick ahead of herself at last.

Meanwhile, Pete and Cooper treat Elisa, a girl battling lymphoma. Her father, Diego, asks a shaman to intervene with her treatment, which causes strife between them.

After surgery saves her temporarily, Elisa says that she doesn’t want chemotherapy and wants the shaman to heal her. But that's motivated largely by financial concerns.

She's bankrupting her family, and is willing to take her chances with alternative therapy in order to put their needs first. The judge has heard enough and orders chemo.

In a nice move, Cooper arranges for a shaman to work with her on top of the chemo. Both cases were touching last night, but especially this one and its resolution.

What did you think of last night's Private Practice? What do you think will happen next with Charlotte? Sound off below by leaving us a comment.


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I think all concerned are doing a fantastic job in showing the reactions of the victim who cannot accept that she has been victimized, and of the friends and colleagues who are struggling to understand and to be supportive in their own way. Kadee Strickland has created a character who is tough on the outside to hide the tenderness inside, a complex person who does the wrong thing sometimes for the right reason. She should get the Emmy because she is doing a wonderful job in her portrayal.


Very powerful episode! Was in tears the entire time


During the episode of Halloween, Cooper and Charlotte were talking about babies. It's possible that she became pregnant after the rape although when Addison ran the tests she didn't say anything about that. Anyway we'll see.


Incredible episode!! You can really feel Charlotte's pain. KaDee Strickland totally went above and beyond. Difficult but moving to watch. Thought provoking like few shows have been. Can't wait to see if and when Charlotte comes to terms with what's happened.


This episode was not only powerful but thought provoking and emotional to watch. I was engrossed in every storyline, and I cried at the end. Charlotte behaving like a wounded animal who snapped at everyone trying to help her seemed like a natural reaction for her. I'm still loving Sheldon. In fact, I love him a bit more with each episode. I'm glad Addison and Sam chose to call the police. For the first time, I didn't completely gag when Amelia was involved. I did roll my eyes the first time she spoke, but she redeemed herself at the end. Maybe there's hope that she will turn into a grown-up instead of a teenager. The shaman story wasn't my favorite, but I do love strong children. Where is Naomi? I miss her. Doesn't anyone need invitro anymore?

Eileen a chua

It was a very powerful episode. I couldn't stop crying as it brought back painful memories of almost 20 years that I thought I'd overcome. I hope the episodes help others heal as much as possible. You never truly forget. Ever.


@Anon, i dont really think it came out of no where. he has a mental illness and he was upset with his girlfriend, and therefore all women were on his bad list. (basing that info off the interview he and sheldon had) but guessing that his girlfriend made him feel like less of a man and so when charlotte kinda did the same thing, he felt like he had to be in control of a woman so he attacked and raped her. i can kinda see ur point though :)


so now everybody knows what really happened to charlotte but what about cooper?


@ geo b You are judging her pretty harshly! For your information she was brutally raped!! Are you even able to imagine what horror she had to survive?? Probably not, because something like that never happened to you. Have you ever heard about Ptsd?? You sound like a typical judgmental idiot to me!!! Shame on you!! As someone who has been thru the same as Charlotte i feel very insulted by your post!! Shame, shame, shame on you!!!stfu!


Does any one else think that Shonda Rhimes kinda pulled this story out of nowhere? I mean she got attacked for yelling at that guy for 2 seconds..

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