Rob Kazinsky to Guest Star on Brothers & Sisters

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Rob Kazinsky is coming to ABC's Brothers & Sisters to shake things up for Dave and Odette. Oh, wait, sorry. Justin and Annie. These real-life couples make it confusing.

Anyway, Dave's character Justin will have some issues with The Hobbit star Kazinsky, who has been cast as "Dr. Rick," an ex-boyfriend of Annie's (Odette). Jealous much?

So far only one episode has been locked down, but Rob, a British actor who starred in EastEnders, may stick around for more, depending on how the writing plays out.


Rob Kazinsky (left) with Odette Yustman and Dave Annable, who are married.

Odette Yustman, meanwhile, will be staying on Brothers & Sisters for some time. Apparently the producers feel that Annie and Justin have chemistry. Imagine that ...

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