Sarah Drew Dishes on Dream Grey's Anatomy Gig

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Before joining the cast of Grey's Anatomy, Sarah Drew made a name for herself with memorable stints on Everwood, Mad Men, Supernatural, Private Practice and more.

In a new interview, she opens up about what's next for Dr. April Kepner, what it's like working with the cast of Grey's Anatomy, her other roles and what TV she loves.

Excerpts from her Q&A with Digital Airwaves' Brittany Frederick below ...

On what's coming up for April: "There’s a little spark of interest romantically that begins to happen, but it does not go according to plan. We’re going to see her sort of dealing with that. They’re really playing with the fact that my character’s a virgin."

S. Drew

On being promoted to series regular: "It’s pretty amazing. I came on to the show and I was told from day one that I was only going to be there for two episodes."

"I knew from day one that my character was getting fired after two episodes. I did not expect anything beyond that. The morning my firing episode aired, my agent got a call that they were talking about a contract and I was just completely floored."

On the benefits of such a large cast: "It’s kind of the most ideal situation for an actor because you have time to have a real life. Some episodes I’ll only be working three days, other episodes will be heavier and I’ll have a lot more work. It’s a really nice situation."

"I wake up every morning pinching myself. It’s so rare to be part of a show that’s so well written and everyone is so lovely to be around. I’m so happy to be where I am."

On working with Shonda Rhimes: "[Private Practice] was the first time that I worked for Shonda. She cast me in that role and then I did her pilot that she did last pilot season (Inside the Box). After doing her pilot, she brought me on to Grey’s."

On guest starring on Glee and Mad Men: "I was beside myself because I grew up doing musical theater. I totally related to that character. But I didn’t really know what the scope of it was. Doing Mad Men was one of those beautiful artistic moments to me. Mad Men is a really, really special show. It’s written incredibly well. So I was just excited to sink my teeth into that material."

On shows she'd love to be on: "I really wanted to go and do something on Friday Night Lights. That was my favorite show. There’s a new show with my friend Garret Dillahunt called Raising Hope. We met a long time ago when I first graduated from college."

On the other shows she loves: "I also love like House and Bones. I watch some of those procedural shows. I watch True Blood and Vampire Diaries. Rookie Blue, I love. I was always watching Grey’s from day one. Anything with heart and interesting characters."

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Oh April I'm liking you more and more... Her soliloquy in Superfreaks was well acted and truly something for the hall of fame moments... I just think that if they want her character to develop and if they want to find a romantic someone, Shonda should consider bringing in someone.. i just dont see her with alex... and it would be nice to see her doing a neuro surgery seeing as this is her focus...


@ Uniquely Yours, I quite agree with you. It's true what Shonda says: some GA fans are like children. Every week its the same old moaning from the same people: "oooh my favourite characters don't get any screentime, oooh I hate Jackson, I hate April, I hate Teddy - make them go away..." It's like a broken record over here. We get it. Move on. You either soak it up and learn to enjoy the characters you love within the screentime they've been given, or you can continue to focus on what you don't like episode after episode and in the process fail to enjoy GA as it's being written today. This show will never be what it was in seasons past - that's not going to happen. Shows evolve over time: characters, writers, storylines are all gonna evolve. It's called change and ain't nothing you can do to stop it. Even if you complain until you are blue in the face. If you simply cannot enjoy GA with the newbies and limited screentime (and by this I mean, if you are digging in your heels like a petulant child who is determined to throw a tantrum until they have their way instead of growing up and accepting that what's done is done), then you should resign yourself to the fact that you are not a fan of the show anymore. Maybe y'all need to find another show to obsess about? Think about it.


Totally agree with MerDer4EveR & Anuflas, April is the MOST annoying, aggravating waste of matter on GA. Not only does she ruin her own scenes, now Shonda's got her in almost every Mer, Der, Alex scene & is ruining them too! How did she suddenly become the character with the most screen time on GA...I see NOTHING interesting about her. She appears to be an idiot & I certainly wouldn't want her operating anywhere near me. I used to like SD but now I don't even like HER. Please send her away into the parking lot of no return & give our favs her screen time.


Uniquely Yours
you should take care of yourself so why defend the characters of a show, you realize that they are not real people?!? you need a good psychiatrist, surely you have a life too sad and trade these characters for your friends.
LoooL laugh!
and... I hope that Jackson is suffering from a fulminating diarrhea!LooL


Wow, a number of fellow fans agreed with my theory, thankyou. I find it hard to cope with the larger cast, some of whos characters I dislike. I was looking at my dvd of S1 the other day, and the intro bit with the music of GA, was dominated by Mer. But Hummbugged comments do make sense about a bigger cast helps dilute the time the actors are working, and giving them a life outside work. Aren't Sandra O,Sara R, SD and JW the only cast members without children now? Less screen time allowed for KH to be working on films too. PD still does film work and aren't EP and SO supposed to be doing a film together soon?


Sorry, but I think Uniquely Yours is right. In my opinion it's pretty sad to wish someone would die (even if it's "just" a fictional character - it's the wish itself). I like April and I love to see her on the show.


I am actually staring to like April. Shes still annoying, but she cracked me in the other episode. I def do not think that she can ever replace Izzie...but I think she is a good addition!


@ Yours- Wow you sure are getting pretty upset over "fictional characters." calling me demented and sick? Its a matter of opinion. I don't like her character i never said i did not like her as a person. I'm not sorry for making you upset for dissing a fictional character. I think your post was uncalled for and rather rude. :/ You don't have to agree with me but to call me such things as that just makes YOU look like a horrible person.


She's so cute. I'd love to see more lexie/April scenes

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