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Ten minutes in, I already knew I wasn't going to like where this episode, "Patriot," was going. During the final ten minutes, however, I completely reversed my opinion.

I admit I haven't been at all on board with the Mutant, I mean Vigilante Registration Act storyline, for reasons I've explained before, so an episode focused squarely on that one topic was set to earn an automatic black mark against itself from me.

As Colonel Slade

That predisposition aside, I still found the episode to be mostly lackluster - that is until Slade was revealed to have the Omega symbol burned into this skull.

Yes, I am aware the pushing of the anti-vigilante movement by Godfrey was part of Darkseid's overarching plan to take over mankind, and the VRA is part of that. But seeing AC and Oliver taken captive and tortured just reminded me how many, many times we've seen this sort of thing happen to our heroes over the course of the series.

It had a been-there done-that feeling about it.

I was glad, though, that they were quick to tie it all into Clark's battle with the darkness and set up for Slade's reveal as Deathstroke at the end - though I'm not exactly sure how he fits in with Darkseid. As far as I know, which admittedly isn't much when it comes to comic book history, the two never crossed paths.

The return of Aquaman, and introduction of his new bride Mera, was largely abortive, arriving with a barrel of fish out of water puns that started out amusing and rapidly degenerated to the point where I developed an inability to stifle the groans.

But it did serve as a mirror for Clark to see that it is not only possible but highly important to let your significant other serve as your co-captain as AC put it. 

Return of Aquaman

This lead to a sweet exchange between Clark and Lois about how they fit into each other's worlds, and that the battle Clark is facing with the darkness is not only his to fight, but also for Lois' and the rest of the Justice Leaguers at his side. It was refreshing to see Clark let down his guard and accept Lois in as a member of the team.

For me, Lois is the most courageous and confident character of the series; it is only fitting that she be given a place among the circle of heroes, not standing outside of it.

Bringing Lois to the Watchtower for the first time, alongside Tess and Oliver had a such "gangs all here" vibe to it that I believe I audibly sighed of contentment.

Slowly but surely the pieces are aligning to bring us what I hope will be an ultimately thrilling ride to the end, free from any measure of disappointment.


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I'm 62. This has been my favorite show for many years now! There are several of us older Smallville fans at work. It was so nice to run into a 20-something woman at a dinner who was as excited by this show as me. It will be heartbreaking when it goes. If they could only take it to the movies, I'd feel fine. This season has been a little confusing for me, even with regard regard to continuity and timelines. The sweet side has been beautiful, but the storyline has not grabbed me yet as much as some years. But dang it, I just want that boy to put on his suit and begin a Superman series...but heck, I wouldn't want to give that up!


i certainly felt this episode alone had so many flaws in it, specifically with A.C when in the hell did he obtain Super-strength to ripp of congrigated iron door, im sorry! but im not just avid Superman connoisseur , i do however follow the FIRST AND FULMOST...THE SHOW IS ABOUT ''SUPERAMN'' NOT AQUAMAN NOT HIS WIFE NOT ANYONE ELSE...JUST ''SUPERAMN'' i felt the focus wondering of Superman some seasons agao, and each of the episodes featuring other heros have been ok, but they realy need to concentrate more now on Clark and forget the crappy justice league themes for while..yeah the league is kool its ok..but Superman is the key..the number 1'' and without him the league could'nt function, they be completely wiped out by the likes of brainiac or Darksied, im sorry but i firmly believe the last three episodes of season 10 have been complete crap...cant even believe im saying this, this is supposed to be the ultimate season...leading up to him becoming Superman, im sorry but if season 10 dose'nt liven up a little there'll be noone interested in watching season final, and aquaman's abilitys are far far behind that of a young or in this case adult Superman, loool ohh and the parallel gravitation force which Superman can control dose'nt work by all accounts, simply because he can get knocked over into pool by slash of and cant be budged by 3 and half ton bus ''season 1 episode 9 rougue'' lool ohh and how did Clark get out of this chamber with kryptonite bars??? it didnt even show grren arrow shoot deathstroke in the eye as the comic book story tells, although we see him with sinthetic eye at the end


Can someone tell me how Clark escaped. One minute he's in a cell with kryptonite bars, there's an explosion, and then he's slinging hay bales with AC. If he's under the influence of Kryptonite wouldn't the explosion have killed him or at least hurt him? And as for the fish puns, I expect Lois and Oliver to use them, I mean their normal patter involves puns and metaphors of all kinds. I'd be a little dissapointed if they didn't shoot from the hip with verbal salvos aimed at the water couple.


ok, well all i'd say is, i have never read the comics, but know of them, and know there is a lot of cross-over b/w marvel and dc comics, including mutant/vigilanty laws. so if everytime this is mentioned, a reviewer calls it a rip off, it's going to grate. just because people are not aware of it, does not mean it doesn't exist. it's not a ripoff at all, and I for one find it an interesting story line


Thanks much for the comments! Everybody's opinion matters, and accepted, regardless of whether or not I agree. :-)


I'll admit it, I agree with the reviewer about the VRA.
But! I like it, I think they're doing something different with it then X-Men did. Or it's been so many years since I seen the movies I forget what happens.
I don't really care for AC's storyline, so I'm very glad it's only for one episode. Although! His wife is HOT. When she stripped in front of Lois, one of the first times I wish this show was on HBO.
Oliver had another big part in this storyline, happy for that since the guy has so much charisma. Also, I didn't mention it on last week's review & I forgot if it was noted, but his wife played the girl with kryptonite forged claws.


I agree with you 100% about this episode. All of that dialog was just too much, even for the actors. It was like they knew they had to cram all of this information into one episode so they could get to those last few minutes, which were terrific. Unfortunately, I laughed out loud at the reveal of Deathstroke. He looked a bit too much like Saul Tigh from Battlestar Galactica! LOL


As you said "took a lot of digging." More people would recognize the subject from the X-Men films than anything else. Have already seen comments on Twitter and other forums. Just wish Smallville had found another thread to follow, that's all.


But, as for the earlier New Earth DCU history, in 1959 (DCU history), the US government passed a superhuman/vigilante registration law that forced the JSA into retirement. thats is what the act is and where it came from first is what i read any way took alot of digging for that one lol


As I've said before, regardless of whether or not DC ever touched on such a notion, Marvel popularized it in its films and that is what people who do not spend hour upon hour reading comic books will identify with. And in my research I have not found anything in DC explicitly named the "Vigilante Registration Act." The X-Men films, however, had the "Mutant Registration Act." Way too similar to feel like anything other than a ripoff.

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It's time we took these heroes under our control and proved who's really fighting for truth, justice and the American way.