Taylor Momsen On "Indefinite Hiatus" From Gossip Girl

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Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen has already been absent for most of the first half of this season. Now it looks like she'll be MIA in much if not all of the second half, too.

The controversial actress and singer, who has appeared in just three episodes so far this fall, begins an "indefinite hiatus" following next Monday's episode, "Gaslit."

Reps for The CW and producer Warner Bros. declined comment, but sources confirm that Jenny Humphrey will be MIA for at least four episodes after "The Townie."

That's the December 6 episode and the show's midseason finale.

Little JH

Are Jenny's Gossip Girl days numbered?

The news comes as the 17-year-old Pretty Reckless singer's off-screen persona - flashing crowds, profane tirades, generally miserable nature - continues to raise eyebrows.

Momsen also pissed off Project Runway's Tim Gunn, who played mentor to J in an episode last month, after which Gunn blasted her for a lack of professionalism.

A Gossip Girl insider maintains that reduced airtime for Momsen, an original cast member who has been on the show since the pilot, is due only to creative reasons.

We're at least a little skeptical of that, given all Jenny brings to the show. Do you think it's because of her off-set behavior - and do you think she'll ever be back?

Jenny Humphrey on Gossip Girl:

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for the first time! i love jenny! this episode is great! please stay as a nice bitch jenny. :)


Without Jenny and other evil bitches, this show would be a worthless piece of crap. No one wants to watch the regular characters m u m b l e through the scenes and the episodes. They're all a bore except Blair. Especially Chuck and Serena. How do they not fall asleep during filming...their voices sound tired all the time.


How could someone love Jenny Humphrey? She thinks she's some little innocent 17 year old from Brooklyn & different from everyone else, but she is the biggest pain in the ass in the show. She's a bitch, smartass, eavesdropper of a cow who plots revenge on people, who haven't done anything to her, but set her straight. I know she's coming back & will always, but I'm hoping if they decide to kill a character off, it will be her. Ahmen.


To Abby: Yes it is!!! You can go back to watch your shows on PBS and mind your business.


NOOOO JENNY ROCKS! C'MON bring her back. love taylor momsen.


RE: yeah007 Then dont watch. Is that a problem?


she's the reason I watch the show!!! the show sucks without her.


Well it seems pretty obvious that Taylor doesn't really give a sh!t about the show anymore and wants to do music... that's the real reason of her absence to me...


well not exactly to defend taylor, but who is tim gunn to say shes a diva and lacks professionalism? hasnt she been in the business since she was a kid? Honestly, tim gunn is a bit of a diva himself so i dont see why he should pass judgement.


no i hate her for this , and probabily without her i won't watch the show anymore , the only thing insteresting in this season was the tension beteen jenny and the other characters in primis blair , but now she will be Mia for others episodes , so for waht reason i should watch this show? for chuck and blair?serieously after 3 season ? the love games bewteen serena , vanessa , dan and nate?serioulsy , Jenny was the only charcater differnt and out of the crap and useles storylines.

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