The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Rose"

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Tears were shed and heads were shopped off this week on The Vampire Diaries.

Many questions were also answered, tidbits from the past were revealed and new enemies were introduced. In other words: there's A LOT for our staff to analyze in this edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table. Let's get to it...

What was your favorite quote/scene from the episode?
M.L. House: Sorry, fellas, but I go first so I get to choose the obvious: if your eyes didn't well up when Damon admitted his feelings to Elena, replete with a single tear, you're very likely a robot.

LJ Gibbs: You stick with the emotion, M.L., I'll go with the gore. Elijah punched the head off of Trevor. Allow me to repeat that because it's worthy of all caps: ELIJAH PUNCHED THE HEAD OFF OF TREVOR.

ViddWizard: Tyler and Caroline arguing over her being a werewolf. Love how she proved she wasn't.


What revelation leaves you most intrigued?
M.L. House: That Katherine herself is a doppleganger. I thought it was funny when that word was first tossed around so often, but now I understand why. There has been some kind of doppleganger lineage that makes Katherine and Elena closer to relatives than enemies. Interesting. I'm also glad I didn't start my doppleganger drinking game last night as originally planned. A shot every time that word is uttered? I may have died.

LJ Gibbs: Everything about The Originals. They can "pardon" vampires? They go back 500 years? How many are there? There are endless directions in which the show could go with these blood suckers and I can't wait to see them all.

ViddWizard: Easy. The Doppleganger cure to the sun/moon curse.

Will Tyler keep Caroline's identity a secret?
M.L. House: Negative. That's like asking if Ian Somerhalder is a sexy beast or not. The answer is too obvious.

LJ Gibbs: Probably, for a little while at least. As he said last night, she's all he has so I doubt he'll mess things up on purpose. But a full moon might be coming back around soon. Tyler won't be able to control himself when it does.

ViddWizard: Not only will he. I am sensing some wolf on bat romance in the future.

What are your impressions of Rose and Elijah?
M.L. House: It's funny, when Rose first spoke, my first thought was that a vampire with an accent can't be scary. Turns out, she isn't meant to be! I like the idea of an ancient female that has connections with the past of the Salvatores, if only because it gave us a Lexi shout-out. I miss her.

LJ Gibbs: One is pretty and the other is very strong. To focus on the latter, I've always found that the scariest villains are the ones who remain calm and relaxed, even while taking drastic action (such as, you know, punching someone's head off). Elijah fits this bill well.

ViddWiazard: Rose: love the accent. Elijah: one tough vamp. Tentpole throughout the heart and survived? Ouch.

Kidnapping Elena

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Caroline and Tyler...Bonnie and Jeremy... Caroline and Stefan...Damon and Elena... I think any of these couples would be totally cute together!!!


1. I loved the Caroline/Tyler scenes
Anywho, I think the writers making "loneliness" the theme was complete overkill. I'm just glad they didn't have Elena do it, b/c she has the most support of any character on the damn show. And it's abt time that are delving into the doppleganger sl. But now it makes Elena even more important than she is. Bonnie/Jeremy was good too, even tho I'm still rooting for BAMON!
I like this Rose character and I think they should've kept Trevor longer; he's better eye candy than Stefan.
IDK how anybody thought Elijah was dead. He's an Original, there had to be something special abt him. He should/could have easily destroyed the Salvatores.


i wish she dos not forget it either that was sooo cut (i pray to god she does not forget it)i wonder what she would have said if he hadn't made her forget? poor elena. they should really get together they make a lovely pair


Rose is going to be a goner Hmm I think Caroline will die from Tylers bite. I love her though /: I hope it doesn't happen !


I was so sad when trent fords character died, he was too sexy for life. i loved the caroline/tyler scenes they were amazing


I've got a feeling Caroline's gunna be the one to die.
And Tyler's going to be the one to kill her with his werewolf bite.


The scene where she comes down the stairs and Stephen intercepts her actually broke my heart, and the final scene just made it official. Damon and Elena are beautiful together! Honestly their chemistry is just undeniable, and they would make a super hot couple since they're so dynamic and hot. They can be so cute and romantic and angsty but they do the whole intelligent sexy at odds thing sooo well. And guys, I's Damon. You can't throw that much fun and hotness into a relationship and not expect it to be entertaining at the least.


I feel that Damon and Elena would actually be really, really interesting together. I mean, Damon is very sincere in his love for her and the depth and sadness of that was truly impressive, but this is just the angst part of the relationship (which I am enjoying, actually)- however, once they're together, I just feel like he's going to continue to be Damon, sarcastic, witty and funny- it's just he also gets making out rights and some affection moments. Yes, they will have romantic scenes every once in a while, but I think they will definitely still mostly argue, their personalities are too different for them to morph into a Stephen/Elena snoozefest. The fact of the matter is, I don't care what they're doing, arguing or being sweet, because either way Damon is hilarious and hot and Elena is at her most likable and witty when she's bantering with him. I just really love these two characters together.


TYLER AND CAROLINE!!!! please let this happen, they are perfect together! they are pretty much the chuck&blair of vampire diaries. if they kill either one of them off i'm not gonna watch this show anymore :( they can kill off jenna or matt instead........

Kimberly anne

Since the beginning of the show I have always wanted Damon and Elena because I think they are my endgame couple of the serie. I still want it to happen because this episode just prooves how good they are togeter. I hate Stefan. His eyes are practically pushed back into his skulls. I can't even see them.
Damon nd Elena!!

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The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Rose: I know who you are. I said be quiet.
Elena: What do you want?
Rose [slap!]: I said be quiet.

That werewolf road leads straight to vampire boulevard!