The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Rose"

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Tears were shed and heads were shopped off this week on The Vampire Diaries.

Many questions were also answered, tidbits from the past were revealed and new enemies were introduced. In other words: there's A LOT for our staff to analyze in this edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table. Let's get to it...

What was your favorite quote/scene from the episode?
M.L. House: Sorry, fellas, but I go first so I get to choose the obvious: if your eyes didn't well up when Damon admitted his feelings to Elena, replete with a single tear, you're very likely a robot.

LJ Gibbs: You stick with the emotion, M.L., I'll go with the gore. Elijah punched the head off of Trevor. Allow me to repeat that because it's worthy of all caps: ELIJAH PUNCHED THE HEAD OFF OF TREVOR.

ViddWizard: Tyler and Caroline arguing over her being a werewolf. Love how she proved she wasn't.


What revelation leaves you most intrigued?
M.L. House: That Katherine herself is a doppleganger. I thought it was funny when that word was first tossed around so often, but now I understand why. There has been some kind of doppleganger lineage that makes Katherine and Elena closer to relatives than enemies. Interesting. I'm also glad I didn't start my doppleganger drinking game last night as originally planned. A shot every time that word is uttered? I may have died.

LJ Gibbs: Everything about The Originals. They can "pardon" vampires? They go back 500 years? How many are there? There are endless directions in which the show could go with these blood suckers and I can't wait to see them all.

ViddWizard: Easy. The Doppleganger cure to the sun/moon curse.

Will Tyler keep Caroline's identity a secret?
M.L. House: Negative. That's like asking if Ian Somerhalder is a sexy beast or not. The answer is too obvious.

LJ Gibbs: Probably, for a little while at least. As he said last night, she's all he has so I doubt he'll mess things up on purpose. But a full moon might be coming back around soon. Tyler won't be able to control himself when it does.

ViddWizard: Not only will he. I am sensing some wolf on bat romance in the future.

What are your impressions of Rose and Elijah?
M.L. House: It's funny, when Rose first spoke, my first thought was that a vampire with an accent can't be scary. Turns out, she isn't meant to be! I like the idea of an ancient female that has connections with the past of the Salvatores, if only because it gave us a Lexi shout-out. I miss her.

LJ Gibbs: One is pretty and the other is very strong. To focus on the latter, I've always found that the scariest villains are the ones who remain calm and relaxed, even while taking drastic action (such as, you know, punching someone's head off). Elijah fits this bill well.

ViddWiazard: Rose: love the accent. Elijah: one tough vamp. Tentpole throughout the heart and survived? Ouch.

Kidnapping Elena

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Lol, I'm totally argreeing with everything M.L. House has said


hmm... How I wish elena would not forget it !!! I truelly hope she had some other thing with verveine so that he couldn't force her to forget :( Damn I kind of hate elena and every other "doppleganger"! how is it possible to love stephen instead of damon ? why does stephen get both of them ? could't it be more realistic? ok stephen = good one , and blabla but damon ? since the last episode showed his other face, his romantic one and his more than human face--> there is no one who would NOT choose him ! he is like PERFECT!


Oh and I forgot sthg !!! I was really glad they put a little of the book's vilain !!! Klaus !!! I was like YEEAAAAAAAHHH !!! The Originals and stuff !!! Nice. Even if they put it in a different way, Klaus ! looool !Oh ! and also, when bonnie tracked elena or sent her the message. That was Bonnie the druid loool ! Nice !!


OK !!! My turn! People, am I the only one who was shocked by the Bonnie/Jer couple?! REALLY; SERIOUSLY ! WTF ! Bff and little bro... I don't know, we'll see...
well, appart from that, LOVED the episode!
Rose and the accent, this was cool! Oh and Trevor too.
OMG! Elijah, man, the guy scared me ! But in a way, I knew it wasn't over. Because I actually didn't like the way he died... Felt wrong for a guy that powerful...a simple stake through the heart... He might be 1000 or more old... But as said Rose "It isn't over" !!!!!
Damon... It brought tears to my eyes, I didn't expect the declaration... I mean, the way he did it...the tears... Gosh... It hurt
Oh and Tyler/Caroline: well, I felt and feel sad for him, coz he's all alone with that damn curse and doesn't know much about it since he didn't want to hear about it... And Caroline, maybe because of the way she was turn into a vamp, woke up alone and having to deal with it all by herself, she has this connection to him.
Though as D pointed out, it's dangerous. Tyler won't be able to keep it for himself, probably will for a time but...
And I had a glimpse of romance between them but, it won't do no good...
Anyway, LOVED it !!!


I was not expecting Damon's confession.
The first time he said it, my heart swelled but my eyes were dry.
Then I replayed it. And was bawling like a baby.
"I love you Elena. And it is BECAUSE I love you that I can't be selfish with you. I don't deserve you. brother does."
"God. How I wish you didn't have to forget this." and at that point Elena looks up in confusion because I could've sworn she expected him to kiss her or take advantage of her. But instead Damon shed a single shocking tear from his beautiful pale green eyes and whispered, "But you do."
I cried and cried and cried and cried. And I NEVER cry. Not when Rose dropped the hand of Jack in Titanic. Not when Rhett left Scarlet. Not when Chuck's Bass wept after his father. Nothing moves me.
But Damon Salvatores selfless understanding that his brother deserves Elena, his LOVE for his brother and Elena, his goodness, the sad, longing look in his eyes as he snatched the necklace away knowing it was going to upset her....his strength and emotional, witty, smart, bad ass persona....Damon Salvatore is a gem of
Sigh. Elena has pissed me off. If Damon had tried to kill my brother I would have admittedly killed him back or truly wanted to. What he did was inexcusable. But this is the multiple time Damon has saved Elena's life in the past episodes. She has to understand that essentially Damon is not BAD. I think he's just sad. Lonely, and negelected and disturbed and often unloved. Damon is just sad.
And for the love of God, if Elena can change that then she has to.


The Damon confession scene in this episode was beautiful and he was so sincere and selfless. But in all honesty, to me it was almost like Damon as Stefan version beta. I adore Damon and his personality, but just like Ian Somerhalder I think I prefer the "crazy, nutty Damon". The whole 'vampires struggling with their humanity' thing is becoming so recycled and I just wish they would keep the fun and vampiric Damon. I feel like he loses that personality when he's with Elena. Sure, Elena is easy-going and jovial when she's with Damon, but he's not as sizzling and appealing when he's with her. Believe me, I want to see Damon happy and in love with someone who's compatible with him. I had thought that Katherine's disposition is more on a par with Damon's and that they would actually match up quite well. I could just see them enjoying an open relationship and having intense, lustful sex. Too bad she actually wants the more demure brother. Damon deserves someone who appreciates his true-to-his-vampire-nature persona; I'd be upset if he became Stefan-esque - we already have a Stefan. The love triangle is so entertaining and captivating thus far, I hope they don't make the girl sleep with both brothers and go back and forth between them... and turn things icky.


Damon, Damon, Damon *___* Brooding Stefan had his chance, now let's let Damon have some romantic time with Elena...I'm waiting for a REAL kiss between the two of them, now that Katherine is (kinda) out of the way u.u


Well considering Caroline is already "dead" in a way haha. I don't want them to kill her off /: I really love her and the way she's evolving.


I feel like it's the writers' fault that Stefan and Elena are a little boring. There is so much unexplored territory with their romance, and they're just leaving it that way! It could still be hot and steamy and exciting but it's written like they're a couple that's been together for 20 years or something.


Damn. I wish I could be a special-consultant and work from home and just suggest what I'd like to see on the show/or a special direction for the character(s)....on my own timming....don't need to be stressed out...they don't even have to pay me...just let me get the episodes ahead of time ! *wink, wink*

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