V Season Two: The First Promo

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When V returns to ABC in January, viewers will be in store for answers, answers and a few more answers. So teases the show's executive producer.

While fans can look forward to many revelations, they can also get excited for a couple big-time guest stars: Jane Badler will take on the role of Anna's mysterious mother, while Jay Karnes will portray Erica's new FBI partner.

What else can we expect in 2011? The following promo should give readers an idea:

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having already read the spoilers at tvfanatic.com, this trailer ain't really revealing much except a bit of erica's dream sequence. it looks like more of season 1 to me. i wish the writer's gave elizabeth mitchell better material to work with rather than "anna's covering up something big" (at which she's supposed to look all serious). hmmmmm... well at least abc is promoting it early, let's just hope it's better quality, pacing and character development than season 1 was and that since they'd already shot around 6 of the now 10 episodes, that it doesn't get all glitchy at episode 7 as they try to pack 7 weeks of plot (episodes 7-13) into the episodes 7-10. i really wish they hadn't shot so much before it started airing. they'll pretty much be done shooting the entire season before the viewers even get to comment on one new episode. i really hope they've read a lot of viewer criticism/feedback beforehand. fingers crossed bigtime for a season 3.


When the original V came out, women in politics were not to the fore. Glamour did not seem to be an issue in those innocent days. V is genuine sci-fi as it predicted the political scene as it is today. Obviously female politicians do not eat rodents.

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