Elizabeth Mitchell Previews Major Character Deaths Ahead on V

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The spoilers are true: a slew of major characters will die on next week's V finale.

How will this impact Erica and others on the show, if it returns for a third season, of course? Elizabeth Mitchell tells Entertainment Weekly:

"The people who die are going to affect everyone in different ways. The people they chose, they chose for a reason because they will mean something. I think it’s going to create an entirely new dynamic for everybody. Nobody is going to be unscathed.”

V Season Finale Scene

What else can Mitchell tease about Tuesday's episode?

"There will be some interesting betrayals, which I always enjoy, and there will be tears and hopefully some fun. We’re all very active in this and everyone has an important part."

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So no 3rd series of V then? Thanks for that ABC - if you knew you were going to cull it why not at least make an ending and give people closure. Chopping series mid way through a story is more likely to drive viewers away - why should I start to watch one of your programmes if I think it will end mid way? I think you need to reconsider or at least announce a special one-off to bring it all to a close correctly.


1 out of 4 watchable shows on ABC but its a woman's TV world. Reality TV doesn't require many writers & silly crap like Desperate Housewives/Grey's Anatomy all draw WOMEN, largest viewing crowd.


It is also hugely popular in Spain and in South America. But sadly, other country viewers do not buy the US products ABC is trying to sell. Not enough people to watch US ads, the stations take it off and put on some other popular garbage that does sell junk. It would be better for V to be on the CW or Space, where they are used to smaller audiences, and 5 million US viewers IS considered a good number of viewers.


We do love this show a lot...abc should not cancel it!


I cannot believe that ABC are contemplating not doing a season 3 of V. Do you think you yanks are the only people in the world that like this show. You air stupid reality tv shows but when it comes to a show that maybe you be thinking what if this could happen. You guys chucked off Commander In Chief which we never got to see the end. So comon this show is great we love it here in Australia.

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