Will Castle and Beckett Ever Get Together? The Stars Speak Out

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Will they or won't they? Should they or shouldn't they?

Following last night's solid episode, Castle fans continue to debate the future of Castle and Beckett. They aren't together right now, nor does it seem like the pair will be any time soon, considering the state of each character's love life.

A Lovable Duo

Says Nathan Fillion on the topic:

"They've been very good about exploring this will-they-or-won't-they relationship, and this year a new twist on it is that they are both in separate but viable relationships. And it's not, 'Oh my god, it's so obvious that person's so wrong for them, but real, honest, great people who are deserving of love and trust in these relationships.'"

Stana Katic also spoke to E! News on the matter and seems excited to get Beckett and Castle together at some point:

"I always feel naive saying that I think that characters can get together and still have a spicy relationship. I don't mind if they get together. I think that they fit and fill each other's lives really well. He's her perfect opposite, she's his perfect opposite, and in some ways they are each other's perfect parallel, because they are both really passionate about the same thing, which is solving crimes."

Now it's up to you, readers: Do you wanna see these two finally date?

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PLEASE, get them together somehow, they have done it on Bones and brilliantly if I must say so, they still have the same chemistry at work as they have at home, just with a twist. I am sick of shows dragging out the unrequited love storyline, perhaps if the writers were smart, Beckets PTSD could be the catalyst at finally bringing these together and solving her mothers murder. This will then open so many new doors for storylines.


I have been following the show now for the 3 seasons its been running, goingon 4th now, just not in my country, and Im getting tired of this little game they have going on, they want one another, but dont do anything about it. If they do not hook up in season 4, I wont even been waiting for a season 5. They could make it work between the two if the writers just use their brains a little. Also, they dont have to show them all over each other all the time, but how about just showing them together like when Castle is home with mother and daughter, and just add Beckett to the mix...?


I have read a lot of forums concerning this episode and a fair guess is, that a ton of viewers were quite upset with the Beckett character and many saying there are done watching or will watch a couple more to see what happens. The relationship can never be the same. What? Beckett smiling when Castle brings her coffee? If he brings her coffee in the next episode, I will turn it off and never watch it again. Marlowe has killed the show...the show was loved mostly because of the Castle/Beckett relationship. Without that, its just another cop show.


having just watched Countdown, I must say I am growing weary of the relationship. I'm a guy and so Beckett's behavior, and the looks at Castle and the little winks and nods from the writers is growing tiresome for me. I think the only way Beckett acts is when she thinks Castle is ready to jump ship. I look forward to a point when Castle just needs to look like he's had enough and decides he needs to get back to his life and his writing. Perhaps then Beckett (with all her little teases) will finally get it! Hope its soon, because I am growing weary of the whole "sword play" routine.


Sorry, one more note. I recently saw a show where two of the main stars were married. I loved the interplay and the juxtaposition of their private and working lives. I enjoyed the intimacy and connection between the two just as much as I have enjoyed the tension builders between two single leads. Just FYI for TPB.


Okay, almost every show out there drags this will they or won't they thing until it is beyond my ability to watch. I get tired of hearing, "well, look what happened to Moonlighting." What happened to Moonlighting was that the writers got stupid. I believe that writers talented enough to bring us such wonderful shows are talented enough to find a way to bring the stars together without all of the soap opera stuff added in. I mean, both have issues that need resolving. I mean, there's at least a year for wearing off the new of the relationship and then a couple of years in just working out issues, which may or may not include a break up and then there's an engagement year, a wedding and woops, what about a baby? Can you see that happening. There's at least 5 years worth of good storytelling out there for the couple. Get smart writers and you'll keep me watching! : )


The trick with romantic shows with two leads is that they are selling that tension, not the natural denouement of said tension. People either move on or consummate, rounding in circles forever is not natural. So wishing for the characters to hook up and thinking it could ruin the show are not opposing thoughts. If you were not rooting for them and worry that the 'dance' takes forever, you would enjoy the show. As an audience you find enjoyment in the stress, the way you enjoy horror movies for the scare. The trick is how they keep you watching without straining credibility. To give an example from another genre: It would be like wishing for the monster to be killed on the first third of a monster movie.


they need to get together. look at chuck and sarah from chuck.
they got together this season and its definitely not ruined the show.


i don't think they will be a terrible couple 'cause they are just the opposite of the other, booth and brennan aren't so different. in bones i understand why the guionist don' t want they to be together but in castle they haven't to take so long.


yeah im with sheena on this one. as long as they keep it in the background, they can drag this out as long as bones have. if they sleep with each other, the show will get boring. they would make a terrible on screen couple.

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