Can The Event Avoid Cancellation?

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The Event aired its midseason finale this week and will now go on hiatus until March 7.

Wait, a serialized show with low ratings that is criticized for shoddy storytelling and slow pacing takes a break for three months in the hope that it can retool and bring in new viewers? If this sounds familiar, it's because ABC followed the same strategy with FlashForward last year.

That series never saw a second season, of course. How can The Event avoid a similar fate?

A Pensive President

"We're increasing the pace of what's happening, sort of like a good movie or novel would. As we come down the stretch, things will start happening quicker," producer Evan Katz told USA Today, adding that his show will respond to the sense of "impatience" he feels among fans.

The Event earned a strong premiere audience  of 10.9 million viewers. But its most recent four episodes struggled to average six million.

Katz hopes that increased action, heavy marketing by NBC and, he hopes, a two-hour 2011 premiere will draw in new viewers and/or bring back those who stopped watching. We have our doubts. How about you?

Did you give The Event a chance? Will you do so again in a few months?

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The Event is excellent! Can't wait till 2/28/11! If Lost could make it so can the Event!


I watched all episodes. I quite liked it but did find it somewhat confusing with all the going back and forwards in time - but I thought it got better as the season went on. I will await the second season and the special and hope it is improved. Incidently, I didn;t like it as much as "V" which finished in the Uk this week, another new alien infiltration series - far better I think, Did anyone else see this series? Is there going to be second one?


I like the show but I think things actually happened too fast. Eg to me shawn was running around on this crusade to get the girl back ... But that took what two episodes. To the viewer indent give two craps about these aliens but I do care about my girlfriend or wife and that's what most people would relate or attach to. Also another point the action maybe was slow but the plot wasn't compared to lost. In lost it took a very very ...very ... Very long time to get answers like; what or who is the smoke monster. They still never answered why it tooted like a train when it disappeared lol. Or who the others where, important questions that were drawn out. But as a write this I realize that's what made lost so good they knew that those answers are no as important as the human struggles, that's what we all can relate to. I think he found the girl way too fast, and then now he spent a whole episode telling her "everything will be alright".. Boring. With all that said I do enjoy the show. The alien topic is a very cool topic, but there has to be character development. I wrote this with an iPhone so please excuse a odd word or spelling.


I was wary of this becoming another version of "Persons Unknown", which kept raising more mysteries until the plot finally collapsed in a heap of unanswerable questions. A great show creates mysteries we care about and provides enough answers to give us a sense of satisfaction. So far, I've been hooked on The Event. The writing is smart and imaginative and the characters are mostly interesting, even if not very credible. But the show is on the verge of falling into the same trap as "Persons Unknown" as it spins subplots and mysteries faster than it resolves them. Unless it starts to come together soon, I may lose patience. The act of bringing us to a cliff and then resolving it every week is tough to do for an extended period.


The event lost me about third epsiode. The show is lame.


I watched the first two episodes and couldn't get into it at all. It is nothing like lost from what I can tell. If it survives and people start telling my how awesome it is, I may check it out on DVD later.


This is a lot better then LOST. LOST first season didn't go anywhere.... I still wonder where the 8 years of my life went to. watching every season...


First Episode: Awesome! Second Episode: slowed down. Following Episodes: picked up pace each time, and left on a pretty good cliff hanger! I like it! But I think rather than them revealing too much being the problem, I find the problem being in the sci-fi approach. I know they tried to incorporate a little bit of every genre, and for the most part didn't do a bad job. I just don't think that the majority of americans are into aliens all that much...


so even more marketing for this show. They hyped it all through Persons Unknown(which i thought was much better) and covered every media with advertisements for "The Event", you may have lost 4 millions viewers because you gave "too much" info. The writers must have been afraid to cause another "Lost" information blackout, so they told too much. and Thomas must be bi-polar, he can kill innocent people for his plan, but not his mom...that's not even plausible. the alien angle should not have been revealed until episodes 6 or 7. also, from the aliens conversations, their home planet is doomed/dead. So why the rush to get back? Makes no sense.


If the network could just give this show a chance, they'd have another Lost on their hands!

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