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I can understand why most people would enjoy "Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas," especially this time of year.  But I didn't find it all that amusing. Creative, sure... but only passively entertaining.

There were a handful of comedic lines, but I only laughed out loud at the Tim Burton joke.  I really miss the days when I'd practically fall out of my chair over the hilarious insanity of this bunch.

Community Claymation

Community, what's happened to you?  You used to be so absurdly funny and didn't take yourself too seriously.  Lately, it seems every episode has to be about teaching some sort of lesson.  The last two weeks in particular have just felt flat. Maybe I just don't get your recent slide into After-School Special territory, but I'm thisclose to start using the phrase "Tonight, on a very special Community" in my reviews.

I did think the characters' spot-on transformations to toy versions of themselves was genious, and only Community would give an animated Chang snowman Asian-like features.

The animation was vivid and very well done.  I loved how detailed they made the sets, down to the owl statue on Duncan's desk.  Therefore, I'm basing my rating solely on how creative the episode was because the usual reasons why I get a kick out of watching Community do not apply here.

Before I start getting spears hurled at me in the comments, I admit that I'm in the minority here and most fans will adore this episode.  Rather than continue to expound on my admittedly dissident viewpoint, I open up the comments section below to you to please share your reasons on what you enjoyed about it. I've also listed a few of my favorite Community quotes from the half hour:
Abed: It's the first season of Lost on DVD.
Pierce: That's the meaning of Christmas?
Abed: No it's a metaphor. It represents lack of payoff. | permalink
Troy: Who taught you therapy, Michael Jackson's dad? | permalink
Abed: Everyone be perfectly sincere. Humbugs are attracted to sarcasm.
Jeff: Wow. Somewhere out there Tim Burton just got a boner. | permalink
Abed: If I can find the meaning of Christmas, everything will go back to normal.
Jeff: Asterisk. | permalink
Pierce: What do you care about Christmas Abed? You're Muslim. Don't your people spend this season writing in angry letters to TVGuide? | permalink


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"genious" See that button with the ABC on it? Use that before posting.


bit of a hysterical review. this is only the second episode in a row you've been down on the show. i hate when reviewers say lately, and what's happened to this show? two episodes ago you were raving about it. creating drama much


It's cool. I can see why people might not like it. I liked it. It was not outstanding but it was something for sure. I loved the start Abed starts singing and dancing on cars and gets tased, that made me laugh hard. The fact that they did not go into a slump, like many other shows do, right after the strong opening is why it is such a good episode and, moreover, a great series.


I agree. It seems the hilarity has been somewhat absent of late. Still, on repeated viewings, I thought the episode seemed more likeable. Plus, I think Dan Harmon and co. wanted to make an attempt at making a completely all ages show, and, except for the line about Tim Burton, it pretty much was that. Here's hoping they come back to crazy town after the midseason break.


I like you Piecar. ;-)


And, sorry...I've seen this said elsewhere...What kind of risk is this kind of thing exactly? The stop motion love is BUILT INTO the Christmas season. They're safe there. Tons of other shows have done puppets. "Angel" was turned into a muppet at one point. There was no risk at all in doing this. Hell, it was practically fated to be called a "classic" just by doing it... It's practically a Teflon ep just by the change in medium....Still, clever.


Nice plug of your own site Teddy Pearce. This episode just wasn't funny. It was cute, it was wasn't funny. I agree that Duncan is rarely funny on this show. The only funny moment I can think of was with his restraining order on Chang..and Chang's reactions were what made it funny.


People see things differently, that's what makes them individuals. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, that's what makes life interesting. How boring it would be if everyone agreed with each other on every topic, and if every review was "This episode was awesome." BTW - You'd be surprised how many comments I've received on Twitter of people agreeing with me. And Teddy, we kindly ask that you refrain from posting links to other reviews external to this site. I've already asked the webmaster to have this removed. Thanks for the comments! All are welcome.


Wow, I can't believe how down on this episode you were--this was a huge risk for even this show to take, and they did a helluva job pulling it off. Community has had a bit of an uneven season this year, but this episode just got everything right.


John...It seems like you have a point of view on this ep...But I have no idea what it is from what you said. I agree with the reviewer on the "One To Grow On" ep last week...Though I liked it. What was your beef here? That you thought the stop motion ep had real depth of character? Abed learned nothing, and no one else did either. It was the lesson they learn every ep. They're all a bunch of misfits, and they'll stand together. No one gets any development here. Just a couple of characters get backstory

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Community Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Abed: If I can find the meaning of Christmas, everything will go back to normal.
Jeff: Asterisk.

What do you care about Christmas Abed? You're Muslim. Don't your people spend this season writing in angry letters to TVGuide?