Desperate Housewives Preview: A Riot on the Lane

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The reveal of Paul's plan may not have left our Desperate Housewives critic overly excited this week, but the show is hoping to conclude 2010 with the sort of cliffhanger that has left fans buzzing in years past.

Among the developments on tap for the December 12 midseason finale:

  • Juanita learns she isn't Gabrielle's biological daughter.
  • Bree asks Keith to move in with her.
  • Tom is confronted about his past indiscretion with Renee.

Oh, and one more thing: Paul Young gets shot by a mysterious assailant. Visit our Desperate Housewives spoilers section for a full look at what's ahead and check out the official preview now:

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Desperate Housewives Quotes

I love you once. I love you twice. I love you more than beans and rice.


(narrating) The world is filled with good fathers. How do we recongnize them? They are the ones who are missed so terribly, everything falls apart in their absence. (Shot of Andrew and Bree packing his suitcase, placing a photo of Rex inside last.) They are the ones who love us, long before we even arrive. (Shot of Carlos smiling as he rubs Gabrielle's stomach.) They are the ones who come looking for us, when we can't find our way home. (Shot of Mike walking Bongo as he looks at a flyer of Zach's) Yes, the world is filled with good fathers. And the best are the ones who make the women in their lives feel like good mothers (Shot of Tom comforting Lynette as she cries)

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