Glee Casting Rumors: Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews to Guest Star?

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It's sounding more and more like Anne Hathaway and Chris Colfer might both get their wish.

The actress appeared on Jimmy Fallon earlier this month and talked of her desire to guest star on Glee. The 2011 Oscars co-host said:

"I wanna play Kurt’s long-lost aunt’s mother’s sister who is also gay, [who] comes back to help him deal with his sexuality, and I would sing You Are Not Alone from Steven Sondheim’s epic show Into the Woods.”

Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews

Meanwhile, Colfer is on record as saying he'd love for Julie Andrews to come on board as "Kurt's fashionable grandmother."

According to The Toronto Sun, producers are in negotiations with the Sound of Music star to do just that. She has worked with Hathaway before, on The Princess Diaries, meaning we could very well see both actresses on the same episode.

Would this be a dream come true, fans? Or a case of too much stunt casting? Sound off now in our Glee forum!

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I love them both, but please stop with the guest stars. The show needs to focus on all the main characters more, instead of bringing in all these guest stars.


OMG...SERIOUSLY RM THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!! i know that the show has been like the biggest hit between hollywood actors and all but ENOUUUGH with the GUEST STARS!!! really, i am in pain to say this, but can pretty much count the episodes i am loving from this season when in season 1 i LOVED each and every one of them! and yes, too much story is missing, we need to be REINTRODUCED to all the characters we already love.




Gah. I love them both but come on! Stop it with the crazy guest star stunts. There's plenty of fresh, unseen, incredible talent out there. I love that Glee introduces the audience to people they hadn't seen before (i.e. like the whole cast).


that would be fantastic!!
Anne Hathaway is perfect for the show, she sings so well, and Julie Andrews too!! Love them!!
I wish it could really happen!!


I love both actresses. They're great. I just with RM would quit worrying about guest stars and focus on the characters the show already has. They're talented and they don't need guest stars to bring that out.


I'd love to see Julie Andrews more than Anne Hathaway. It'll be really exciting if they come on board but at the same time I think the show needs to lessen their guest stars.


As much as I like Anne and Julie I'm not convinced on this casting.
Julie doesn't sing anymore (her voice is wrecked as anyone who went to her recent gigs will tell you, she just speaks along with her songs nowadays) either so not sure she could do anything singing.
I want to be pleased cos I like both of these actresses but it just seems too much, particuarly if it was for one episode. Other characters are being shunted now (like Mercades) and it pains me to see others slowly being chiselled into something they previously weren't and I'd rather see them focussed on.
I just hope if they do appear they do more than that overrated Paltrow, who was dull and whose character could have been played by anybody (only got the role cos she's friends with the show's creator).
All these guest stars is getting really annoying now anyway particuarly as the writing of the show is so hit and miss these days.
Potentially it could be good, both actresses are very talented, if they used them in an equally brilliant way to guest stars such as Kristin Chenoweth, Idina Menzel or Neil Patrick Harris (whose guest starring episodes have been the strongest, particuarly songwise) then having them appear on the show could be great. I just worry cos of the show's previous bad use of guest stars (Britney, Meatloaf/Bostwick, Paltrow).
Meh, we'll see what happens, nothing's confirmed yet


I think that would be great! I mean, they've already gone so over the top with so much stunt casting, what's a couple more? I've decided to just enjoy it :)


OMG! Yes to both actress. They are amazing. I hope that when they do guest star it won't interrupt too much with any of the characters' SLs. But I think it'll be great. Can't wait!

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