Gossip Girl Instant Reaction: Talk of "The Townie"

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Gossip Girl just wrapped the first half of its fourth season. Now that "The Townie" is history (as is Juliet's stint on the Upper East Side, most likely), we want to hear from you.

What did you think of this week's Gossip Girl? How do you see things shaping up once 2011 rolls around? Discuss in our Gossip Girl forum and/or by leaving comments below!

TV Fanatic's review, favorite quotes, music list, upcoming Gossip Girl spoilers and Round Table discussion will be posted ASAP. Right now, you have the floor. Weigh in here ...

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What did you think of "The Townie"?

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I think Blair and Damien would be a cute couple! Hope it's gonna be Blaimien, not Dair :D!


poor crazy lilly!
poor ben!
great mystery man. great work josh & steph.
what was the dumb use of damien tho? FREAK.
and now we have to look at JACK'S face too.
but great episode man. highlighted by vanessa and JENNY not being there


call me crazy, but i'm still a huge chair shipper, they were probably always the main reason if loved watching the show. their character inconsistencies really piss me off a lot, like every single episode on this show tells a different story on its own with no great references to last ones.
why did they even start to build chair up again? 4x09 was all about chuck being obsessed with blair and in the next ep 4x10 he couldn't even be her friend to the degree that in 4x11 he's cold, even nasty towards her. what is this shit all about? chuck used to be a fighter, if he really wanted to be with blair he would convince her to be with him. where is his redemption for the actions of 3x17?
the only thing i get is that he's proud and bold. not enough for me!
blair and dan? please don't get me wrong, i'm not a totally deluded chair-shipper, and i gladly see her dating somebody else than chuck, but why does it have to be dan?
they may be entertaining at one point or another, but they just don't get each other and this will lead to terrible conflicts with serena. i really don't like the idea of dair.
bring in somebody else!!! for the most time 4x11 really bored me. i'm tired of serena's dumb, naivity, there's no twist in her, kathy cassidy is pretty but her character isn't the most interesting either. where's carter bazen? bring him back!!!


i hope D and B will just stay as friends.
it'd be nice to have a friendship on GG that does not involve two characters ripping their clothes off. i actually like S and Ben guy. i hope there's no twist behind Ben's character. i sometimes hate it when i like a character but the writers ruin him/her by making them a villain.


really loved this episode alot!
i like serena and ben, want them together!
and i cant believe we have to wait till january...
i want chair :(


and yeah i want seren/benchuck/blair!


i reallly like this episode alot, cleared up the whole thing. and i really want serena and that guy to be together, i think they would be really cute! ahhh well i lovee how blair put down dan so many times, i like them as friends but this episode prooved them them just being together as friends is good but them as a couuple or kissing at all would be really nastyy.....
really liked this episode
and chair soon? please?

Kimberly anne

I have to admit that this episode took me by surprise. I thought I would hate it because there wasn't going to be much Chair scenes, and indeed I was right, by overall it was great.
Blair and Dan were pretty funny together. I like all their comments and how Blair constantly criticize him. I'm happy that they may this episode a drama and humor fill epsiode, because the last epsiode was too sad. Although I have to question why Blair would stay in New York for the holidays. She didn't go to France for Thanksgiving, so I would think she would be on the first flight there to spend it with Harold and Roman. Speaking of which, I want Harold and Roman to come back. Even though they don't bring drama, but its nice to see the Waldorf family together. The Humphreys can go for all I care. Also, it is getting really hard to believe that Eleanor is gone for tis long. I understand her clothing line is really suscessful, but I would think as the boss she would be able to go home and spend time with Blair.
Nate was useless until Ben talked to him. He was practically his parents guinea pig. He needs a good storyline.
I actually like the scene when Serena came to visit Ben in jail. I feel like they will love each other or that the feelings are still there. She pratically wanted to hug him. I wouldn't mind if he got out of jail and they hook up.
The whole Ben-Juliet-Serena story was really good, but I thought Juliet was let off the hook way to easy. Serena could not have been that nice to let her leave in one piece, and Blair to. I mean, Juliet kicked her out of Columbia and put her in the center, so her future is basically ruined.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Jack is back. In a way I'm not as upset this time around because he broke up Chair the last time so it woul dbe stupid for the writers to let him do it again. Plus, I see a future for Dair no matter how much I wish there isn't, so I don't think Blair will come in contact with Jack that much.


i hated the idea of Dair at first, BUT i think they would be funny allies and friends...


If Serena had not been partying and sleeping with boys all the time, she wouldn't have put herself in this situation. I'm not saying what Lily did was right, but how was she to know Serena really hadn't slept with her professor? Serena said so herself, up until then, no guy had ever said no to her. At this point, I still believed she was trying to protect Serena from the consequences she had caused herself. When the things came up about Bass Industries, that was odd, because they do really belong to Chuck, although we don't know what she was trying to accomplish by selling Bass Industries...


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