Hellcats Review: "Think Twice Before You Go"

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After a week off, our favorite cheerleaders were back on Hellcats - and they didn't forget to bring the drama on “Think Twice Before You Go." This was a solid hour filled with break ups, break downs and scummy DJs.

Although I may not be the biggest fan of the Dan/Marti relationship, I adore their friendship and was sad to see these two have such trouble. Dan pushing an ultimatum was the right move, but quitting his job and heading to New Orleans was totally wrong. He did exactly what Marti was scared of.

Hot Marti

The writers, meanwhile, did a great job of teasing this pairing and then allowing us more time before they rush into anything. Hopefully, when this relationship does come about, it will be at the end of the season.

It seems that Lewis has been underused in the past few episodes, including this week's. At least he got to blast Marti in front of everyone by calling her a "mistake." If you are only going to get a few minutes of screen time, you might as well make it worthwhile.

Most of the episode took place at the big BBQ, where the food looked delicious and people wore creepy pig masks. The band performing was Brokedown Cadillac, who provided some great music for the dance competition that took place. This was a little cheesy, seeing that there was more stunts and tumbling than dancing, but it gave our girls a chance to wear some scantily clad cowgirl outfits.

Kudos to whoever trains these girls because they are in amazing shape.

Surprisingly, Hellcats took the route that several other shows have taken this season, touching on the subject of rape. Although Savannah didn't experience the actual act, the possibility was there. The scene was handled cleverly, though, having Marti react the way; this gave viewers a way to handle the situation.

Overall, a pretty good episode. We were were alone in missing Red and Derrick on it? What did everyone else think?


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Looking forward to the following things: 1. Jake's story with Bill Marsh. I wonder what he's got on Jake because it seems to be bad enough for him to put his NFL future on hold and stay in Lancer. (Btw, I totally hate Bill's character) 2. What Alice will do with the information on Savannah performing with the Cyclones. I don't about everyone else but I got two emotions from her upon finding out: betrayal and relief. Therefore, I'm not sure what she'll do. I feel like it's either she exposes Savannah in front of everyone of she confronts Savannah about it. I just feel like her emotion wasn't exactly a "Yes, I have something on Savannah" sort of thing but she looked hurt and betrayed by it. 3. What Overton will do with Marti and how Bill Marsh is connected with the case of Travis. It was pretty obvious that he's connected with the whole thing so I wanna see how all of that goes together and unfolds. 4. How Savannah will treat Marti now. We all know her as the good one so it will be interesting to see whether or not she will really show her animosity towards Marti or if she can really be the good cheerleader that she is. I wanna see how she'll really be able to handle the situation and if Marti and her can ever really be friends again. 5. Marti and Dan. I know that right now she feels like the world is against her and all she wants is Dan to be there for her again but will she really feel that way when he comes back? I'd imagine her to feel angry that he left just like she thought he would. A lot is obviously still going to happen here so I'm really looking forward to that. Hellcats is doing pretty good with their story so good job to them.


Gah, I know that the season has been trying to convince the world that Dan and Marti are soulmates, but I'm not believing it. First, Dan is convinced by Marti's mom, who, thusfar, has hardly been right about anything, and even makes sexist comments to Marti to justify her reasoning. Second, Savannah is my favorite character. I'm not a particular Tisdale fan, but I love the part she plays here. Savannah is so honest and she tries so hard, but of course she's still conflicted and... maybe I sympathize with her because I feel sort of similar. But in any case, she gives her all to what she loves and she loved Dan to whatever extent and she gave him everything, while he's chasing fairy-tale ideals of love. By the way, you don't have to marry someone to keep them around. Hint: Marti's a close friend of Savannah's, and Marti would never let you out of her life. Clearly you two have a lasting friendship. Third: Marti needs a friend in Dan, not a boyfriend. She even says something to that extent. Maybe Dan's crazy about her, but she's not about him, "not where he wants her to be." She was "with him... physically," but when has that ever meant anything in this day and age? She was honest and he left her, because whenever faced with the idea of Marti as a significant other Dan loves her and then he has to react by going far away; granted, it's a "different situation" than last time, but becoming a love interest has taken away the loyalty he displays as her friend. And Marti, especially now, on the back of the bus, crying, alone, needs a friend's loyalty, not a lover's fickleness. Of course, I haven't much hope for this because the series' directors seem pretty darn set on this track. But whatever. Not much hope is still hope! :)


How can this be the last episode of the year? :((


Yeah very curious now to see what they are coverin up... Question: Anybody know what the song playin at the end of the episode was, and who the singer is???


I feel like I missed something - didn't Dan and Marti only almost sleep together? I thought they were interrupted during the stakeout.


well i think we will have to wait till early jan...as it has been said there are going to be only 22 episodes...and i noticed in the trailer for the episode that there were certain bits missing to it...maybe they will be for when they come back... as for alice, she might show the information she got to the coach or something, and we might have to see....


Liked the episode w/ the BBQ "Dance" contest. Marti makes such crappy choices though. At least she got Savannah out of the truck. I wonder what Alice is gonna do w/ the news about Savannah helping out her old team. You know that she's gonna do something big w/ the info.


No new episode next week... some fashion special is gonna be on. Did you guys catch the end where they tied Bill Marsh into the case Marti's been working on? I have a feeling that Jake got into some trouble and they pinned it on the guy who Marti's trying to help. Notice we never saw the DVD Marsh showed Jake when he said he wanted to go pro. I'll bet it shows either what Jake did and/or their process of covering it up. Things are getting juicy! As for Dan and Marti. I LOVE them. Him more than her lol. He's hot and sweet and charming and the boy hasn't had a serious relationship since her because he's been hung up on her all these years. I HATE that she keeps going back to that mistake he made when he was SIXTEEN YEARS OLD! Get over it girl! He was a BOY, a STUPID boy. He's a man now, give him a chance to prove it. And lastly, I feel bad for Savannah. I know she cared a lot about Dan. But he and Marti have quite a past and its never been fully resolved. It sucks for her but it happens sometimes. She got between star-crossed lovers. I hope that she doesn't let this ruin her friendship with Marti. Hopefully she sees in time that Dan and Marti really love each other and are great together and she's able to move on.


This is the last episode for this year. It's on 78violet's Twitter. I'm starting to seriously dislike Marti. She slept with Dan while he was still Savannah's boyfriend and she still manages to look like she's the victim of the whole incident? How can she even call Dan and want him to be there for her as a friend when she knows that all he wants is to be with her as her boyfriend? Seriously don't like Marti. In the first episode, maybe I did. Now I don't.


but my question is, what happens next, does dan hear about the competition on the radio in his truck and drive off to sectionals and profess his love for marti? and also....is there going to be another episode next week or do we have to wait till next january??

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