Latest Shonda Rhimes Pilot Ordered By ABC

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Shonda Rhimes cannot be stopped.

ABC has ordered its first pilot this development season, and fittingly, the prolific Grey's Anatomy writer-producer got the nod for her untitled project based on Judy Smith.

The professional "fixer" (PR guru/crisis manager) inspired the latest effort from Rhimes, who also created Private Practice and Off the Map, which premieres January 12.

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ABC may soon rename itself the Shonda Broadcasting Company.

It was a quick turnaround for the newest project from ABC Studios and Rhimes' studio-based Shondaland banner. ABC brass read the script and ordered a pilot in 24 hours.

The early order also comes weeks before the typical start of the networks' pilot pickup season. Judy Smith herself will serve as a co-executive producer and consultant.

She served as a White House press aide under President George H. W. Bush, and counseled Monica Lewinsky, Michael Vick and other embattled stars in a PR capacity.

Sound like a show you'd watch?

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FYI, Shonda did not create Off the Map; Jenna Banns did. Shonda is just an executive producer on that show.


I feel for GA and PP. Quality wise...they're going downhill...


The premise of the new show does sound a interesting...


I love Private Practice (not a fan of Grey's Anatomy since Addison left). I'm not always in the creative paths Shonda Rhimes is chosing but usually she brings great drama. So let's see what she is up to this time!


LOL! Shonda Broadcasting Company... She did bring back the whole medical drama soap thing which was severely lacking since the hey days of ER... I think Shonda brings some brilliance to a otherwise reality tv filled viewing... I am glad she has another show.


I think Grey's isn't what it used to be but I don't blame it on Private Practice. There are story mishaps here and there which have caused a downfall for both shows but I still believe that Shonda's great. She's given all of us two great shows that unfortunately don't always appeal well to audiences.


@Caitlyn: except that ratings for Grey's have plummeted significantly since Private Practice, as has recognition from all awards ceremonies.
You really think the quality has remained the same?


Damn. Shonda really can't be stopped! This woman is amazing. Upon hearing this I feared that the plots of Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy might suffer but knowing the creative power of Shonda, nothing can stop her from producing and writing great stories.

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