Leverage Season Finale Review: What Did You Think?

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This season started out with a great setup for the recurring bad guy of Damien Moreau.  It then drifted into ignoring him for weeks.

However, Leverage certainly made up for any of that missed time this week on "The Big Bang Job" and "The San Lorenzo Job," in which we got all the Moreau we could handle.

The Leverage Squad

The final two episodes of season three featured some of the best writing, directing and acting we have seen all year, starting from the very beginning when we found out Eliot used to work for Moreau.

That was followed by Eliot not only using a gun, but sliding across the warehouse with bullets flying around was the coolest stunt the show has done this season. I really like how much we learned about Eliot; what he is capable of, how far he has come, and how truly loyal he is to Nate and the team.

One of my favorite points in this finale was that there were so many references to earlier episodes that would not be as funny, touching, or surprising had you not seen the whole season. By far, my favorite was when Parker announced she was craving “pretzels.”

For those of you who don’t remember, "The Double Blind Job" ended with Parker chickening out on telling Hardison that she really wanted to be close to him and instead saying she wanted this snack.

Some of the other details from this season the finale mentioned included:

  • Manticore, the software that Damien used to find the General.
  • The account numbers that Nate got during the fall season finale.
  • The job stealing-information from Hot Italian Chick (HIC).
Nate v. The Italian

Just a couple of minor hiccups to mention:

First, after the pretzel comment on the train, nothing further was said or done between Hardison and Parker. Boooooooo! Second, Moreau called Nate by "Ford" on the balcony and in the President’s office, yet he was yelling “who are you!” when Nate and HIC were leaving.

As HIC had been sold out from her office (thus why she was captured), you have to assume that he meant Nate.

I really felt like these two episodes helped all of the crew grow as a team and as people. When Nate asked, with a heartfelt request, for the team’s help to take down Moreau, I nearly cried. When Eliot looked at Parker when the General asked if he would leave any of his team behind, again I could see the loyalty in his eyes and I grinned to myself.

And the icing on the Leverage cake had to be Sophie and Nate waking up in bed together. Granted, they both had a look like they didn’t remember agreeing to be in bed naked(ish) together, so we know which way they will go with the story in season four. But I expect it will be a fun ride.

Overall, this made up for the less than stellar September finale. A big thank you to Dean Devlin for tweeting back then that these three episodes (last week's and these two) would be coming, as they really did end the show on a high note.

See you all in the summer for season four. Happy holidays!


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absolutely the hottest Eliot has ever been.........


I LOVED the season finale!!! I agree anything Eliot does is great. I can't count how may times I have watched all 3 seasons of Leverage. I own the first 2 and watch the last one online. The finale ended the way it should have. I can't wait to see where it goes from there. I love the flirting between Parker and Hardison. They are so funny together.I think there is no one star of the show they all play off of each other.There wouldn't be one without the other.It is the best show I have watched in a very long time and it keeps you wanting more. Keep up the good work.You are all great!!!


@Anne Aldis hodge was only like 20 or 21 when the show started and he didn't look that young then so i dont think that it mattered how old he looked i think its how old they wanted us to think he was which if i remember the writers wanted us to think he was in his early twenties but yeah i get u it made me think they should have been consistent i mean i guess it was just easier to use his current age then actually think about it the finales were awesome and i'm going to buy season 3 simply for those last episodes


Call me crazy but I couldn't help noting a little inconsistency in this episode (one of a few, at least). Nate said Hardison was 24 during this episode. Seeing was episode 11 of this season, 'The Rashomon Job', had flashbacks to 5 years before, wouldn't that make Hardison 19 by then? 'Cause he didn't look, sound or act like he was 19. The math just seems a bit off, I don't know... Say something if you have any comment about this...


He was yelling "who are you people" which didn't mean he didn't know who they are, but rather he was shocked about what they had done. i loved these episodes, the action was ridiculous and i'm happy parker and hardison didn't get together because with nate at the the end it really would have been to much


I Actually thought Eliot sliding across the warehouse guns ablazed was kinda cheesy and over the top.That being said, anything Eliot does is pretty much fantastic. He really upped the badassery. I thought the scenes with him and Hardison were great. Loved his scenes with Parker best, when he looked at her and knew he could never leave any of them behind.Also when he told her not to ask what he did because he'd have to tell her. Eliot stole the finale. Agree on the lack of follow up on the pretzel thing.Harker did have a sort of flirty thing in theend while in the elevator but I would love to know what came of the pretzels. What I love about this show is very rarely if ever does one character completely outshine the others.This finale was the perfect example.Eveyone had their heroic moments and proved their capabilities.The familial bond between them was stronger than ever and as per usual there were some great lines.They even managed to keep the humor admist the drama and action.

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