Life Unexpected Series Finale Preview: A Two-Hour Event

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It's sad, but true: Life Unexpected comes to an end on January 18.

Following the explosive events of this week's episode - Emma slept with Baze's father?!? - The CW will bid farewell to this drama with a special two-hour episode in early 2011.

Grab a box of Kleenex, readers, and get yourself prepared for the end via the following preview. It's gonna jerk some serious tears...

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I can't believe they just ended it like that.I mean there was no clips as to how Cate and Baze got back together or Jones and Lux. Indeed, its one of the better shows, way better than the crappy gossip girl which is just all about sex. The acting in Life Unexpected was really great. I am sad they just ended the show like that..CW bring it back please and fill in the gaps in the story..The actors were really good!


I'm going to miss this show sooo much!! :( I'm so sad it's ending. It's better than all of the rest. I cried at the end of every episode wheather it was happy or sad and I loved the characters. Especially Tasha and Cate!!
One day I want to write a TV series this good with this much heart about a family.


I hope this show has another season!!! The best show I have seen outside of reality tv in a long while! Will be missed very much..... CW, please reconsider?!?!?! :(


Life Unexpected is one of the better and more substantial shows of The CW. I feel like their choice to cancel it shows that they're so focused on telling similar stories on their shows. Life Unexpected will definitely be missed.


Melissa - it's done for sure. The guy that plays the dad blogs on eonline and said its done. They are also selling dvd of season one and two and it says the compete series. Its def done. I know it said season finale, but its done.


Is it SERIES finale? Or SEASON Finale? Because it says SEASON Finale at the begining of the video (not SERIES Finale. I don't understand! If it says Season Finale, there is a possibility of a season 3, right?
I want a season 3!

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