Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: An Apology from A

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We've seen the January 3 episode of Pretty Little Liars.

Without giving away any major details - but with encouragement for fans to return to TV Fanatic for a detailed review as soon as "Moments Later" concludes - we can reveal the following teases/spoilers regarding this midseason premiere:

  • Someone gets pulled over by the cops.
  • Both Aria and Emily reveal their secrets.
  • Noel makes a couple key appearances.
Liars in the Hospital
  • Lucas visits Hanna in the hospital.
  • There's a tree lighting ceremony. Sort of.
  • A apologizes to Hanna. In a mysterious, creepy fashion.

Sorry, folks, that's all we can report for now. But you can visit our Pretty Little Liars forum to discuss these developments and also visit our series video section for a look at numerous clips from the episode.

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