Terriers Review: "Hail Mary"

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The final scene of "Hail Mary" was a wink at the fate of Terriers: In what direction will the show go? Straight to cancellation, as loyal fans of this tremendous series fear? Or might FX surprise us all, take a risk and veer toward a second season renewal?

Unfortunately, the latter option seems unlikely.* But if this was the final episode in Terriers history, at least it featured everything about the show I've grown to love.

(*FX officially canceled Terriers on 12/6/10).

For Sale By Hank

Hank came out a hero, saving Ocean Beach from disappearing in lieu of an airport. But a parade wasn't exactly thrown in his honor.

He's still a man tortured by his past, alone, always one small step away from complete self-destruction. But even in his darkest moments, Hank is also charming, sarcastic, humorous, the kind of layered, interesting main character that few shows on TV feature.

By bringing back Eleanor Gosney and tying in the death of her father to tie the devious plans for the airport, Terriers also proved it's a show that thought and planned ahead. Of all the praise heaped on it by critics - from the chemistry between its leads to its catchy theme song - the series' pacing stands out the most to me.

When we first met Hank and Britt, I was intrigue and entertained, but the stakes felt low on the series premiere.

These were two stubborn, funny private investigators in Southern California that seemed to stumble on cases for which they weren't really prepared. Okay. But where was the real drama? Why should I really care about these friends?

But as the season progressed, we were taken deeper into the lives of both these men. Some episodes played into the larger, ever-changing arc of Lindus and Zeitlin and Laura Ross and whatever was going on with the ongoing land grab. While others served as stand-alone installments, some light, some dark, but all giving us major insight into Hank and Britt.

By the end of this episode, with Britt pouring his heart out to Katie and Hank putting the home he shared with Gretchen up for sale - and with Mark coming through in the clutch, Jason Adler dead, bodies piled up all around - no one who followed Terriers was possibly wondering why they should care any longer.

We're in. We're invested. We've enjoyed a season that has played out like a well-paced movie or novel. Even if we never see Hank and Britt joke around in their truck again, the 13 hours spent watching this show over the last few months won't feel like time wasted. Far from it.


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I took another chance on this show largely because of this site....and I'm glad I did. This episode was great. The last bunch were terrific. It would be a shame to see this show cancelled. The cliffhanger alone is worth the next season. I've never been a fan of Donal Logue. His character in Blade kept backing up on me....But his character here is so great. A beaten downtrodden superhero without powers.. He's like a Rockford for the New Millennium. And I LOOOVVEED Jim Rockford. Yep, this show is a keeper.


Wow I didn't realize this show was this close to canceling, that would be such a shame with how great it is.
Not much to say about the episode itself, just a good finale to a long storyline. Neat how they wrapped most of the plot twists up and put it on the feet of one person. - Wonder why the lawyer gave up his boss rather then die, maybe he was quite a wimp without his brawn around.


This show is amazing in a way I have never seen before. I knew right away I wanted to watch it since it would be featuring the stellar acting of Donal Logue. How is this man not more popular? Such talent. It started off as a light and fun buddy comedy but grew into an intricate and thrilling story. A writer from the show called in to Howard Stern a few days ago begging people to watch Terriers because its cancellation is just on the horizon, but once hearing the name Howard was immediately turned off. How sad it would be for the best program on TV to end because of a name! I pray this doesn't happen, please surprise me and make me a happy lady FX.


Please, please, please Fx, do not cancel this show. I love it. I'm hooked and i want more. I've turned my whole family onto this show. The acting and writing are stellar. I've liked Laura Allen since her days at "All My Children"(lol)and donal logue and micheal raymond james have killed it all season. I liked the latter in True Blood, but his role in this show showed me how good he really is. Please let this show be coming back.


Wow. That was a great but short season.


Hail mary was a perfact way to end the season ,like you said the ending was great it left me wanting more .I've been hokked since day one but the ending just upped the ante

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