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On what we hope wasn't the series finale of Terriers...

- Hank was set up as the man who plotted the murder of Jason, taken into custody because two men claimed he paid them to take out his ex-wife's new husband. But Mark stepped in as Hank was being transported to court and used his police force connections to free his former partner. At least for a few hours.

- During this time, Hank killed Burke, Zeitlin's right-hand man, because he broke into Hank's home. He then used Burke's phone to set up a meet with Zeitlin, where he confronted him with a photo.

The photo was found in the jacket lining of Hank's friend that was killed on the series premiere. His daughter pointed Hank, Britt and Laura to it after the trio talked to her about a meeting she attended months ago between Lindus, Zeitlin and a third party. I'll be honest: I wasn't 100% clear on what the photo depicted, as it was never shown, but Hank saw it as leverage against this third party, the man pulling Zeitlin's strings.

Zeitlin seemingly agreed, as he took Hank to meet the man.

- During this scene, Hank threatened the man with exposure of the picture (and made a reference to a children's hospital he was building in Mexico, leading me to believe the photo may have been evidence this guy has a child down there out of wedlock) unless he ceased building the airport in Ocean Beach. The man agreed.

- The episode concluded with Britt giving Winston to Katie and saying he didn't care about her affair anymore, or even who the father of her baby was. He just wanted to be with her after his year in prison, due to those assault charges.

Britt then got into Hank's car in order to be driven to jail. But Hank stopped at a red light and asked Britt if he wanted him to continue driving straight, toward prison - or to turn, get on the freeway and head to Mexico.

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Since this series began, I have been anticipating cancellation. Even though I thought it was the bright spot of the television year, the numbers just didn't appear promising. I was hoping Entertainment Weekly would spread the word as they have done in the past for other obscure shows, but they didn't mention it until a shoutout in the bull's eye a couple of weeks back. At least they did a great job of wrapping the season, in case that was it. I can at least consider it a terrific mini series. I am still enjoying a download of gunfight epiphany, the hypnotic theme song. Thanks for a well done show.


A season finale of a show that has had plenty of tense moments, it was a nice balance between resolution and uncertainty. I was concerned it would be a letdown. No worries! Now -- FX, now that you're back on my TV radar, let's see how you roll!