The Vampire Diaries Producers Ponder: Who Will Portray Klaus?

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Who should play Klaus on The Vampire Diaries?

It's a question TV Fanatic readers continue to ponder, and they are not alone. Producer Julie Plec told EW this week that it's been a challenge to cast the oldest, meanest vampire on the planet.

“We’ve been getting great tapes out of England and Australia. That’s what excites me: This idea that there might be somebody out there that no one’s really familiar with yet that can be a new fresh face that we can exploit... in all the good ways,” Plec says. “I think our show works so well because we don’t really stunt cast."

Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley

Plec promises Klaus will appear before the season is over, while offering the following basic concept behind the villain:

“The important elements are charisma and gravitas. You’ve got to be able to be afraid of this guy, whether you’re afraid of him because he looks scary or because he’s so charming that the fact that he can snap your neck with his pinky would take you by surprise. So whether he’s an Old Word-flavored guy or new hip, contemporary, speedy kinda guy, that remains to be seen. We’ll see what actor we connect to the most.”

Once again, we encourage all suggestions: Who do you think should take on the role?

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Wow. I can't wait.


They should use Ed Westwick... he's already on CW and he's smokn' hot!!




Zachary quinto who plays sylar on Heroes. he's very good on playing his role.




Edge??? Really? (just in case u were wondering I do not like The Miz) LOL! I


I believe I'd also go with Julian McMahon.......
or maybe Misha Collins who plays Castiel on Supernatural.


how about Chase Crawford??? i think he can do the part. he has the required look & can do all madness thing.


OOH!!! What about Neil Patrick Harris??? He portrayed Bryan Ryan in Glee and did a pretty badass job at it, I think he'd be great for this role!

Sommerleigh pollonais

Go with an unknown. One of the reasons I find these characters so engaging, is that I don't look at the actors playing them and think "Hey I know that guy/girl from..."

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