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It's to the overall credit of The Vampire Diaries that an episode which concluded with a deal between Elijah and Elena; a deception by Luca; and a mysterious werewolf bite on Rose would still feel like a letdown.

Guess that's what happens a thrilling series raises one's expectations each week, leading me to believe that "By the Light of the Moon" - the final episode until January 27 - would wrap up with the most shocking twist in weeks.

Instead, viewers were treated to a couple mild turns, but nothing that caused my jaw to drop open, let alone hit the floor.

Set to Turn

Part of the problem involves the storylines I summarized above. Look at them again. With the exception of Elena's role in the agreement with Elijah, they all centered around people we really just met.

The show has mostly integrated Luca, Rose, Jonas, Elijah and, now, Jules in a seamless fashion - but where was the Delena drama? The Statherine sex promos so coldly
misled us to believe would take place? I'd have preferred to have seen a lot more with the main characters we've been following since the outset.

Instead, Elena was trapped inside her house, Damon mostly chatted up Jules at the bar, Stefan just hung out in the tomb, Jeremy listened to some music and Bonnie was duped by Luca. Not exactly the most action-packed episode for these characters, was it?

Full props, however, must be given to Michael Trevino, and, really, everyone involved in that transformation scene. It was intense and agonizing to watch... in the best possible way. Still, I'm left wondering: that was it? Nothing actually came of this transition. It had been built up for weeks, it went down in a tremendously-filmed/producer/acted manner and it will likely lead to Caroline and Tyler growing a lot closer.

Suspense-wise, though, it didn't leave me anxious for what will happen next. It was exactly what they had hyped it up to be, whereas I expected a surprise or a development outside of Tyler simply screaming, turning and then turning back again.

Of course, this is The Vampire Diaries, so there were plenty of questions that fans will be pondering for awhile in our Vampire Diaries forum. To wit:

  • Can we trust Elijah?
  • Why did he kill Slater?
  • Did he order Jonas to maintain the curse on the moonstone? Or might that warlock be acting alone now?
  • How awesome a friend is Rose?!?
  • Damon has been "marked." What does that mean?
  • Who was Jules talking to on the phone when she said Tyler was a werewolf?

On a typical week, I'd have given "By the Light of the Moon" a higher rating. But my hopes were definitely raised, considering this was the 2010 finale. As a result, I'm left feeling more disappointed by the show than I have been so far this season. What did everyone else think?


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the first time I watched this episode I was a bit disappointed but I rewatched it and it was just as good as the first half of season one . I think the reason loads of people were annoyed was because the promo had nothing to do with the actual episode so everyone was expecting something completely different !


Why are Stelena fans criticising Damon's eye thing. It might be annoying to some but that's the way Ian is playing Damon, let it be. Stefan is annoying with his hand-pointing too but I don't see Delena fan going on and on about it.


Totally Agree's with addict666 Elijah Luka And Rose totally more interesting and cool getting to know them better Jenna's boring Ric's ... *yawns*


This review was hella harsh, this episode was great and the "people we barely know" like Elija, Luka, Rose are more intresting than Ric, Jenna, Matt, and most of the other main characters any day


I love tyler and caroline it's the only reason I watch the show for them love their chemistry episode 11 watch adorable with them her comforting I am so nervous how he'll react when he finds out that she's been keeping things from him. I am getting bored with vampire diaries so right now their the only thing keeping me tuned in to the show Love them.


Does anyone know if there is going to be a season 3??


I think Jules will let Rose die, in revenge for Mason's death.
That there will be some awesome fights between the 2 kinds, Vampires will slay werewolves, and vampires will all be scared on full moons nights. One thing I cant understand or take... Damon and Rose are century/ies old vampires, meaning they are strong, why can't they take on werewolves, when they turned. Why so scared!!! When Wwlvs come and charge, use speed, dodge, grab them, break there necks, crush there ribs, bones, kill them... I dont like the Vampire scared of wwvls thing...


I agree with Pinks.Stefan's clearly not over Katherine.. We could definitely see it in his eyes, right? i think they have unresolved business and Also,according to stefan's diaries,i'm very disappointed in stefan and i like Damon more,well at least he's honest..Another thing is if they aren't going to make special bonding between Damon and Elena, please cut DELENA fans out of misery.. I'm so sick and tired of on and off relation of stefan and elena , it's getting boring.




Man cos I live in the UK the episode is shown tomorrow And I visit CW on a daily basis I seen the promo to the descent and man did it shit me up i though Rose was gonna die and since she my fave character man I cried XD
bbussy thanks for that i cried for hours Rose taking the bite for damon man how sweet!!!

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