Who Should Play Klaus on The Vampire Diaries?

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The Vampire Diaries has set the bar high.

As the oldest, most bad ass vampire in the history of time, Klaus' legend precedes him - and means casting him will be a very tall order for TVD producers.

According to new reports, a face has not yet been assigned to this mysterious character, one intimidating enough to make even Damon "shake in his boots."

Elena and Elijah

You think THIS guy's scary ...

Per Ian Somerhalder, "[Klaus] is the most powerful. A guy you don't want to be in a room with. Ever. In order to kill these guys [the originals], there's such a process."

Same goes for casting them. Elijah is fairly hard core, and if Klaus is supposedly much more so ... wow. Who do you think should play this ultimate blood-sucker?

Moreover, how and when should he be introduced? Should he remain shrouded in mystery for multiple years, a la Jacob on Lost, supremely influential but never seen?

Discuss below!

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i think Peter Facinelli should do it!


DEFINITELY Julian McMahon!!!


zachary quinto


Julian McMahon!


Penn badgley! He has great bone structure...exactly how vampires, most importantly powerful vampires, should look!


Christopher Heyerdahl! i think he will be good! really scared me as a demon. or cillian murphy. that'll be cool!


This is a really tough one, i think it should be, Josh Holloway, he's perfect for Klaus, if they make his voice more foreign, he is perfecto!!! I just hope they pick someone tall, a lot of these actors are short.


Gaspard Ulliel!!!


Hmm....how bout Hugh Jackman?


Cam Gigandet.

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