Who Will Play Teddy's Boyfriend on 90210?

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Don't make plans for a Teddy/Ian wedding just yet, 90210 fans. In fact, don't even order this pair a limo for the prom.

Indeed, 90210 may have concluded its most recent episode with these two making out, but that doesn't mean there's a long-term future for Tan.

In fact, Freddie Smith has been cast as Marco, a confirmed new love interest for Teddy. He'll debut in February and take over for Kyle Riabko, who is leaving the show for good.

Freddie Smith

The CW casting notice describes Marco as "athletic, friendly and openly gay."

Smith, meanwhile, is a newcomer. He appeared in a 2008 episode of Medium as the character of... Senior Boy. What do you think of this casting/upcoming storyline?

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I think this new guy is FABulous... I just hope he stays around =)


nonononononononono.. Teddy and Ian belong together! Not this Marco guy. Teddy and Ian forever


well, i like the fact that the storyline is having same sex re;relationships. but you know what i hate, it is that they gradually change the characters when you are still about to know them deeper. why don't the three of them just have a threesome. that would be awesome. HAHAHA (demonic laugh) LOL.


@lillian kyle riabko played the male lead in Spring Awakening, an extremley risque show with plenty of intimacy, both gay and straight. hes also an extremley professional actor who would never damage his rep by leaving a project because of reasons like you said. he is actaully leaving to make himself available for pilot season - im not surprised, hes an incredible actor with an amazing singing voice and frankly his talents are too big for the size of this part. if they maxed up ian then it would be a different story. i dont want ian to go!! 90210 should keep its spring awakening links - season one had them!! i hope they write out the character properley and dont just say 'oh yeah, ian transferred' without him an teddy saying goodbye. adrianna will probably go back on drugs now that her relationship and career have died - shes always done it in the past.


Haha .. I bet Matt and Teddy became husbands at the END !! Haha ..


I feel that Ian and Teddy definetely have a storng connection but it wouldn't really make sense for them to develop a long relationship after their rocky start together


Teddy and Marco are going to be smoking hot together!

Anna maria

He seems hot.. but I like Ian! :(


I already liked Ian. And I think it will be good for Teddy to stay with him seeing as how Teddy's figuring out his sexuality with him. Annoying how they make you like Ian and Teddy together only for them to replace him with someone else. I feel like a sudden change with Teddy's partner makes the whole storyline less substantial.


This is so sad. i really really like Ian. :( i wish he could be Teddys Boyfriend for realzyz. :((

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