Who Will Play Teddy's Boyfriend on 90210?

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Don't make plans for a Teddy/Ian wedding just yet, 90210 fans. In fact, don't even order this pair a limo for the prom.

Indeed, 90210 may have concluded its most recent episode with these two making out, but that doesn't mean there's a long-term future for Tan.

In fact, Freddie Smith has been cast as Marco, a confirmed new love interest for Teddy. He'll debut in February and take over for Kyle Riabko, who is leaving the show for good.

Freddie Smith

The CW casting notice describes Marco as "athletic, friendly and openly gay."

Smith, meanwhile, is a newcomer. He appeared in a 2008 episode of Medium as the character of... Senior Boy. What do you think of this casting/upcoming storyline?

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Maybe Kyle (Ian) wants out. He came as a guy who is a medium for teddy's transition from straight to Gay... Maybe he was hired short term and now he doesn't wanna continue playing Gay ( no offence to anyone out there) as it involves more intimacy now and he's personally not comfortable with it.


I love Ian. Ian and Teddy is the only one that's making me keep coming back for this show. Besides Liam of course.
I actually went to 90210 Q & A last year and have met Matt Lanter, Michael Steger, and Zach Ray Sherman (Jasper) and of course one of the main writer (forgot her name and intend not to remember her).
Listening to that dumb writer is awful. Everytime she talks is just so convincing that she has no idea why she's even doing the job. She did not write Season 1. She came on season 2. She said the writers doesn't want the original 90210 to be involved again like Tori Spelling, etc. She said she's never seen Season 1 or even the original 90210. WTF?! So anyway, yeah. Dixon are the most annoying. Annie and Navid came second, and Silver kinda annoys me nowadays. Especially her hair. One of the weakness about 90210 is the constant relationship thats never ending. One person came, next one he's gone. Btw, Navid seriously. He's 30 and he doesn't even look like he should be in high school anymore. Bad casting. At least, Cory Monteith is 28 and he has high school look.


They were so perfect together,i'll miss them,tear


The were so perfec together,i'll miss them,tear

Saad khan

Ian has great sense of Humor and Teddy & Ian look Compatible not physically maybe bx Teddy is Huge but who cares?
Anyways, I hope Ian stick around too, 90210 is the worst show on CW in writing department ever since season 1, Sometimes its really good and Next time its really bad... I'm wondering when Annie, Naveed & Dixon are getting fired.. they are the Worst! P.S the new guy looks Nice though I just GoogleD it and that's the only picture available . Ugg :p


@Aries93...... I totally agree with you.....I hate that he is leaving


I agree with Tom.
They make unnecessary love interest to make characters realise something in themselves or in someone else. The longest relationship I have seen in a recurring character was Jasper with Annie.
I like the show, the majority of storylines, the cast, and where it is going.
But what annoys me is the constant change of directions in which the writers take them. It would be good if they left all as it is until they actually know what they're doing with the storyline.
Other than that, I look forward to 2011 to see where this will go after Dixon caught Teddy and Ian in the stairwell!


Ugh. This is one of the million mistakes the producers and writers of this show always make...one love interest after another. I wonder how long this Marco will last before they kick him out again...


But I like Ian...

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