Brothers & Sisters Review: "Safe at Home"

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Tommy's home (and potentially here to stay), Sarah and Luc set a wedding date, Olivia has a major obstacle to overcome, Justin and Annie broke up and there's a major new Brothers & Sisters mystery beginning to unfold surrounding Nora's past.

Needless to say, "Safe at Home" gave us quite a bit to process.

Luc is back in Pasadena, but his happy return and is trumped by Tommy, who introduces the Walkers to his beautiful Rose. Things start off on an interesting note.

Tommy and Girlfriend

Rose is really into researching family trees, and her knowledge of the Walkers' past leaves them on edge at best and creeped out at worst. Rose is also a real estate broker.

Sarah, naturally, is suspicious when Tommy asks her for money to fund a venture. She later accuses him of coming back just to ask them for money, but that's not it at all.

Justin and Annie hit a crossroads, meanwhile, in the form of a third party, Dr. Rick. Hopefully this isn't mirroring Dave Annable's real-life relationship with Odette Yustman.

Rick, who Annie dumped before dating Justin, is always hanging around her and seems to be flirting hardcore, be it in the hospital halls or on the hospital softball team.

In a predictable turn of events, tension mounts during a close play at home and Justin and Dr. Rick have at it, all with Annie caught in the middle. This doesn't bode well.

Cue the Walker family dinner, and bring the wine. Lots and lots of wine.

Luc and Sarah's wedding date is the first order of business, and the high water mark for the night. Justin is ticked that Annie wouldn't back him up out there on the field.

They decide to break up, which is too bad, but maybe temporary?

That's not nearly as tense as how upset Sarah is at Tommy for trying to pitch that house-flipping deal. But then he drops the bomb, the real reason he came back to town.

He and Rose are engaged. And want to stay in California.

Quite the turn of events for a guy who was basically run out of town after turning himself into the family pariah of sorts. It's great to see him able to turn things around.

Apparently realizing the error of her snap judgments, Sarah even offers him a job at the station - and asks if he’d be willing to walk her down the aisle. It's dusty in here.

Now for the night's big mystery, or what you have to think is the groundwork for one. Nora gets a flustered when Rose asks about a pic with her high school flame, Brody.

Saul tells her the guy still lives in the area and Nora should call.

Later, Rose does a little Internet search to discover that Nora’s marriage certificate has a June date. Tommy says that they always celebrated her anniversary in January.

This has them both wondering if Nora lied about her wedding date because she was pregnant at the time and what the possible ramifications of that could be. Thoughts?

Elsewhere, Olivia gets set up in her new bedroom during her first weekend with Kevin and Scotty, and they begin to see something is amiss. Turns out to be a big thing.

After missing the clues all night, they eventually realize Olivia doesn’t know how to read. Lots of kids in her place fall through the cracks. We have a hunch this one won't.

What did you think of last night's Brothers & Sisters? Discuss!


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Please don't bring Tommy back. I hated it when he was in it, he is such a poor actor, and the character was dreadful, pointless and whingeing.I'm glad that this series has improved from the awful first half, I was just about ready to give up with it, I fast forwarded most of it as it was, as Kris said it was more of a comedy, and we don't watch this series as just a comedy.


What about the beautiful Kitty Walker. Does anyone else get the feeling from the last epiosde she was on that her cancer is on and she will be making her exit from B&S?


I love this new mysterious past with Nora two....I think justin n rebecca are done for good since Odette is his real life wife! But,I think they should keep Rebecca in the picture maybe have justin torn between them two or have him want her back but he cant have her due to a new romantic partner! I agree Tommy is way too thin and looks ill(Yuck)Sometimes thinner isn't better!! Maybe later in the show his weight loss will be from his new drug addiction which stemmed from Rose(no pun intended)lol At first I thought he had a face lift or some type of plastic surgery then soon realized its he is just grossly thin! blechh! I hope to have the opportunity to see what they can continue to do with this magnificent family drama!!! I sure don't want it to end!! please NBC krrp it aboard!!


I want Rebecca and Justin to reconnect. They were so right together. Whatever it takes, let it happen.


OMG! Tommy is soooooooooooooooooooooo hot! I love the weight loss, he is soooooo ripped. I wish he would come back full time, I could stand to see that piece of eye candy every week! WOOF!


NOTE TO PRODUCERS: I wish I was a show runner on your show. You have done much better these last few episodes. Lots of Drama, Mystery, and I am Liking the Direction. A couple things. PLEASE- let us see Kitty grieve in some form. It has been so disappointing with her this season- and there is still time to fix it. Her is Washington, could be an emotional thing. Getting back into Politics, for the first time since Robert's death. I would love to see her difficulties in being back in the game, without Robert, and I would love to see her as a Character, overcome the difficulties she may have, and get back into Politics. Bring back the Emotion. I remember the thing that this show used to be "Some shows you watch, others you FEEL".....and it was true. I would like to see the show back to being about the relationship of these Characters, and the spoken emotions. This show used to really get me towards the end of each episode. You could feel the emotion pouring out of the characters, and it was powerful. And the music in the Background(Look back at Season One, please)- made that effect greater. Justin- I liked it better when he was becoming a doctor, he needs to battle with some of the things he went through while out on the Battlefield, and he needs to be back in the mind frame of wanting something "More". Wanting to make a difference, here, in this Country. I would like to see him back in Med-School to "finish his degree".....I would like to see the man he was and the man he has become become a Doctor, not a Paramedic. If you must keep him as a Paramedic, take him to a MAJOR Car Accident, bring back Memories of Robert's death. Again, if done right, it could be powerful. I love the new Mystery involving Nora's past, and am eager to see where it ends up. Make Kitty a Priority, Bring back the Raw Emotion, bring back the politics, and bring this show back to the great thing it was back in Season One(Without all the kissing between Scotty and Kevin). This used to be a Compelling Drama, about People. The humor in episodes like Family Day and Game Night were so Hillarious, because they were so true. It was natural humor. It does not have to be stupid, and it needs Drama in return. I have really liked the last few episodes, and hope it is a sign for things to come". FANS- It is great to see Brothers & Sisters turning around. The first half of the Season was Awful(With the exception of about 2 episodes).....It was more of a Comedy than a Drama, and it seemed very choppy. There was no "Flow". Each episode felt like a whole different story. Since "Scandalized", the show has been progressively better. "Safe at home" was classic Brothers & Sisters, very reminiscent of the First Season, and makes me think of the way "Things Were". I am hoping that this progress will continue to grow- as I am starting to love this show again, and want to continue to love it!!!


I wish they hadn't brought Tommy back. I really don't like him or his character. And he looks awful - he has lost so much weight. Ick...


yes Sarah is the oldest it goes Sarah,Kitty,Tommy, Kevin and Justin


Sarah is the oldest isn't she?

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