Chuck Review: Darn You, CIA!

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Well, Chuck certainly did not waste any time getting back into a groove.

A multi-week layoff didn't affect "Chuck Versus the Balcony" too much, as the episode was filled with everything you could ask for, including Morgan acting as a double agent, a couple of preempted marriage proposals and another fantastic musical performance by Jeffster!

Let's get right to the Chuck Triple Threat, which was in full force this week.

Time for Romance

The episode started right away - with no "previously on" segment - following an operative being chased down to a wine cellar in France.  It was a nice bit of action that set up for story. The same basement was where we were able to witness Sarah take out her fair share of French bad guys in order to save Casey.  However, it was her stumbling drunk act that was the best part.

Chuck got in on the action, as well, taking out Pierre and friends on two separate occasions.  The first, my personal favorite, was when he knocked them out cold in slow motion.  Super spy kicks are one thing, but doing it all while managing to not spill your vino?  Fantastic stuff.  He then finished the job on the balcony with a variety of wall moves. Not as sweet as catching a wine glass on the back side of your hand, but still pretty cool.

The laughs started early in this one, with Sarah telling the story of her parents' disastrous proposal.  As she explained everything that went wrong, it was obvious that Chuck had been planning the exact same thing. Watching him squirm put a big smile on my face.  But when Chuck got outside and Morgan was waiting for him with flowers, balloons, and a top hat, that was when I knew we were in for quite a night of hilarity.

The B story this week, starring the Buy More crew, was equally humorous. The plot of having someone not want an arranged marriage, but then changing his mind when he finds out his arranged bride to be is hot, has been done to death, but that didn't make it any less funny to watch Lester go through it. 

Between Big Mike telling Lester that the "three fours" he met online equal a 12, Lester waxing on about the traditional methods of his Canadian family, and that ridiculous tent Lester put together, it was a glorious side plot.  Seriously, what was your favorite part of Lester's traditionalist cave?  I can't decide between Jeff wearing a toga and playing whatever that instrument was, or the wide array of décor Lester came up with (flat screen TVs, Canadian flags, and menorahs).

And, yes, there was plenty of other moments that had me nearing a knee slap.  To name two: the triumphant return of Jeffster! and Lester's leather outfit.  I mean, how could his arranged wife not go for him while wearing that?  There was also when the bride to be told Lester that watching his  performance was "the most uncomfortable five minutes of my life."  And there was also Chuck's English accent in which he called Casey "John John."

We were treated Chuck attempting to propose to Sarah. After finding out about her parents disaster of a proposal, Morgan came up with the idea of doing it while they were in France.  Watching Morgan quarterback this like it was a mission was just fantastic.  Watching Sarah take control of Chuck's proposal through Morgan was even better.  But watching Sarah get nervous for the first time in her life, and then seeing our favorite spy couple confess their love for each other in front of the full moon on that balcony, was absolute bliss for a fan of this show.

So when the CIA came in and ruined the entire thing, I cannot say that I have been much angrier at a TV screen.  I definitely yelled out loud as they took Sarah away for treason.

Moving Forward
While the long-running plot of Mama Bartowski and Volkoff was sidelined for most of this episode, they did a good job of keeping us involved, as the ending teased us about what's ahead.  Will Sarah going undercover for Volkoff work out as planned?  Of course not.  But it should make things interesting for both our favorite Burbank spies and us, the fans.


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While I agree that this was one of the better episodes, I am getting kind of bored with the antics of the Buy-More staff. You just knew when Lester was opposed to the arranged marriage in the beginning that he would change his mind but still not get the girl. While I enjoy watching Chuck, I can't help but think this show is either on its last season or next to last season.
FYI - the scene with Casey telling Chuck that proposing isn't about the location, but about the girl was the best part.


I absolutely loved last nights episode..I really think Chuck is one of the best shows on tv right now...can't wait for next week..


Ok, there's no way 3 geeks can get a hot girl each in the same show!
That's just not possible!
As for Jeffster performance, besides being hilarious, it was one of the best from this season. Have anyone seen Casey opening up to Chuck? At least a little bit. That he did. I love how he became like this older/experienced friend to Chuck, and the talk they had was just the cream de la crop .


I was really pulling for Lester. I think it would have been great seeing him evolve, even if it's just a little. I feel sorry for him pouring his (awkward) heart and soul into that performance, only to have it stomped on.


I thought this was one of the best episodes to date. The comedy I think mostly belonged to Morgan and Jeffster. I do also think that it was a good call having Chuck not propose to Sarah. I DO want them to get engaged this season, but this feels too early on. I did love though the constant teasing of it throughout the episode.

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