Grant Show to Reprise Private Practice Role

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For ABC's Private Practice, the Show must go on. Grant, that is.

Bad jokes aside, Addison's brother will be returning to the medical drama in the 14th episode of the season, slated for February 10. The reason for Archer Montgomery's big visit is still under wraps, but we do know it "becomes a bit mandatory." Ominous.

One additional clue, courtesy of TV Line, is that Stephen Collins (No Ordinary Family) will reprise his role of Addison’s father, “The Captain,” in the same episode.

You can probably put two and two together there ...

Grant Show on Private Practice

ARCH RIVAL: Addison's brother Archer has been on six Private Practice episodes to date, including a Grey's Anatomy crossover. What brings him back to town this time? Discuss.

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I'm confused. I thought Archer had an incurable brain tumor. Why is he still alive? Did I miss something?


Archer's back? Awesome. I liked his interaction with Addison and gang, especially when they were in Grey's Anatomy. The whole Montgomery clan is an interesting hodpodge of personalities. I wonder if they'll ever reveal Addison's father's name, other than "The Captain"?


i like him alot


Think Bizzy, Kristen =(


Oops i submitted before i was done, but the fact that archers visit is mandatory, with the word "ominous" following it, makes me think that it is something not so good....Either The Captain is sick, or Susan dies :(


I'm wondering if maybe the captain is sick.


I've always wanted to see all the Montgomerys together so I'm definitely excited for this! I wanna see the dynamics between Archer and The Captain and how it compares to the one between Addison and The Captain.


I loved the Addie/Archer dynamics and have been hoping for ages for all the Montgomery family to come! Though, it looks ominous indeed. ='( I hope the writers don't break Addie...


I am sure that Amelia will sleep with Archer or even The Captain like violet. I hope that Naomi has moved on from him.


I love to see the whole Montgomery clan together.
How will Naomi react to Archer's arrival back in town? I am certain that Amelia will have some strange interaction with the rest of Montgomery clan as well. I must say that they have done an outstanding job casting and writing this season of PP. I am glad to see Grant Show, Stephen Collins, JoBeth Williams and Joan Cusack come back this season to "stir" the pot of emotions for Addy!

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