Grey's Anatomy Review: Still Want That Second Chance?

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Last night’s Grey's Anatomy, "Start Me Up," was terrific, creating a bunch of new loose ends and concluding with one of the all-time cliffhangers. Seeing how the different relationships develop the rest of the season should be interesting to say the least.

Callie is still so angry with Arizona, but Kyle’s speech about his undying love for Brady (Callie’s patient) seemed to hit home with her. It was great to see “Ricky” from My-So Called Life playing Kyle in such a poignant, albeit minor, role. 

When Brady forgives Kyle for getting him hurt, Callie grows quiet and seems to wish she could do the same with Arizona, who spends the entire episode trying to make up with both Callie and Sloan - and clearly looking for an ally in Mark. 

Little does she know ...

She's Back, But ...

Arizona might want to look for a new sublet option.

At the end, Arizona apologizes yet again to Callie, only to have her admit (as the Grey's Anatomy spoilers have hinted for weeks on end) that she is pregnant with Sloan’s baby.

Do you think this will keep Arizona from pursuing a relationship with Callie? How would the dynamic between Arizona, Callie, and Sloan work if they did get back together? 

It’s kind of difficult to picture the three of them and a baby living together happily ever after. Also, Callie hasn’t even told Sloan about the baby yet. He has expressed his desire to have a child in the past, but now he is finally back together with Lexie.

How do you think Sloan and Lexie will react to the news?

Meredith is concerned about getting pregnant, and it seems like this is going to be a recurring issue going forward. She and Derek look like they are doing well again, and he is being very supportive. It is ironic that Callie got pregnant, while Meredith can’t.

Think that will cause tension between them in upcoming episodes as well?

When Henry’s medical problems get more and more serious throughout the episode, Teddy begins to second guess her decision to marry him so spontaneously.

She is upset when the Chief chastises her and tells her that she must make Henry’s medical decisions because she is listed as his emergency contact.

When Henry confides in Teddy, however, that he has no one else left because of his recurring medical problems, a wall is broken down and they bond. 

When Teddy sits on Henry’s bed holding his hand, it's clear there is something between them. Do you think Henry will ultimately be a love interest or a close friend? It seems like Henry is filling the void that Owen left in Teddy’s life when he married Cristina.

Cristina showed at the end of the episode that she is capable of being nurturing and could be a good chief resident. Who do you think will eventually get that honor?

Alex won the little contest according to the Chief, but he was only successful because he was trying to win over his attractive student. Alex is back to his old tricks.

A New Couple Alert?

Totally inappropriate relationship? Maybe, but an awesome one too.

Dr. Bailey and Eli are adorable together, but Dr. Bailey made a little speech to Teddy about how she could never have a serious relationship with Eli or bring him home to meet her son.

Do you think they will continue to date? If so, will it ever become more serious despite Bailey’s reluctance? So many unanswered questions remain after this outstanding hour.

After this week’s cliffhanger, next week’s episode and beyond should make for great TV. Until then, we leave you with some Grey's Anatomy quotes from last night ...

Callie: You want a second chance?
Arizona: Yes. I'll do anything.
Callie: Today I found out that I'm pregnant. With Mark's baby. How about now. | permalink
Meredith: It's all anybody wants, right? Clean slate. A new beginning. Like that's gonna be any easier. Ask the guy pushing the boulder up the hill. Nothing's easy about starting over. Nothing at all. | permalink
Arizona: What the hell do I have to cop to to make her give me another chance?
Sloan: You bail. When things get hard, you bail. | permalink
Teddy: Life and death decisions wasn't part of our deal. | permalink
Sloan: I'd choose her over you in the divorce. You know that, right? | permalink
Dr. Bailey: I think you're dirty. That's what I think.
Eli: You want to be dirty with me? | permalink
Chief: You've signed a marriage license, and you haven't asked him the most basic questions on how he wants to live or die. | permalink
Chief: Also it's funny when they fall down. | permalink
Callie: Things don't go the way you want them to. Ever. | permalink
Arizona: Ok, I know I'm not perfect, and I know sometimes I don't listen, and I'm sorry about that, so here I am ready to listen.
Callie: Um, ready to listen.
Arizona: Like a priest at confession. | permalink
Meredith: Well, the thong is unprofessional. | permalink
Chief: This is a totally inappropriate relationship. Totally inappropriate. | permalink
Sloan: You're a crappy listener. Add that to the list. | permalink
Cristina: Ok, you think peeing is exhausting. Wait 'til you have a muling, poo-covered infant hanging off of your boobs 24-7. | permalink
Chief: We are doctors. We save people's lives every day without marrying them. You marry someone you love. | permalink
Meredith: People are really romantic about the beginnings of things. Fresh start. Clean slate. A world of possibility. But no matter what adventure you're embarking on, you're still you. You bring you into every new beginning in your life, so how different can it possibly be. | permalink
Meredith: The baby doesn't want to set up shop in a hostile uterus. | permalink
Arizona: Well, now I'm your subletter. Hooray? | permalink
Callie: My lack of interest in seeing you is not a strategy. I'm not playing hard to get. I don't want to see you because I turned my life upside down for you and you walked away because for a week I was cranky. You're untrustworthy, so I don't want to see you. You're self-centered, so I don't want to see you. I am a hundred percent certain that if I let you back in my life again you will hurt me again, so I don't want to see you. This isn't a ploy. I'm not pouting. I don't want you in my life. Get your crap out of my apartment. | permalink
Teddy: That's disgusting.
Henry: Yeah, I wouldn't eat it if I were dying. | permalink


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jb4u -- I agree! Fly the rainbow flag! LGBT makes the show a lot more interesting. I'm a PFLAG.


Good review, Steve Marsi even if you can't spell "mewling." :) Could anyone explain to me why Meredith or anyone use a bunch of pregnancy tests over and over again all day? I mean it isn't like she & Derrick fooled around time and again all throughout the day. This makes absolutely zero sense to me. I like: Bailey and Eli, Teddy and Henry -- I think he's going to win her over. I like fierce Callie, although I thought she'd want to welcome Arizone back with open arms. I guess she just got hurt too badly. Also, I love that badass Christina is back. So the fishing trip worked! Karev was hilarious, though there wasn't enough of him. The new kids were also really amusing. The guy who played Warren on Buffy the Vampire Slayer? He was good. I love Wilson Cruz who played Kyle in love with Brady. I loved him in "my So-Called Life" and see him once in a while on the Logo channel. Really a good episode, although somebody please explain the multiple pregnancy tests to me!


I like the twist of callies pregnancy. Look at all the drama it has in store for 5 of our fave characters.....i'm lovin the merder stuff....a little more would be nice.....bailey and her hot male nurse are way cute....christina is back to herself and i'm lovin that and how owen is always there for their marriage....i guess the new interns are the story for everyone else, but i really wanna see alex and april fall for each other.....the teddy and henry story isnt denny 2.0 to me, but i want to see something good with this storyline pretty soon. greys is having a great season so far......but thats just my opinion.


I just noticed that all the "Quotes" on Tv fanatic for Grey's have been either from Arizona or Callie for the past three weeks. Yes the pregnant line was great...but what about a MerDer quote? The "Practice Makes Perfect." Quote was really cute!!! :)


I find it very difficult to believe that unmarried doctors would be having unprotected sex and I am not buying the 'condom broke' theory. Callie knew that Mark is a 'Manwhore", so why would she even put herself in that position?


Im enjoying all of the gay/lesbian storylines. This show is full of straight characters. Full of them. If I said id rather not see them, then I would have nothing to watch. We're not some species thats heard of but never seen. Let the rainbow shine brightly. Im loving every minute of it.


I love. love. this show!!! I just wish it could be more like season's 1&2, when it was more about the medical drama, than who is sleeping with whom. I mean seriously....everyone sleeps with everyone and their dog. I am annoyed that Callie is preggo with Mark's baby.....but as someone commented earlier, maybe they will give it to mer/der. I am annoyed at all the mercy westers/arizona/and the whole gay/lesbian thing on every other epi. I mean I know it is out there and it is a way of life for some people.....and that is awesome, but I do not enjoy watching/or having gay/lesbian guest stars every other epi. I wish the show would focus more on the medical drama, and the buildig of character relationships....professionally and romantically than who is getting into who's pants.....I mean callie preggo with sloan's baby....seriously!!!??? This is why the show does not win awards anymore...


All in all, I think it was a solid episode.
I like that the past couple of episodes have been more balanced with regard to storylines. There has been too much of Calzona in the beginning of this season for my taste (although I get that this was necessary due to JCap's maternity leave) and I'm glad that the big drama about Cristina's PTSD is over now, too. So other people can get more screen time. YAY!
I actually really liked Teddy's storyline. Since I never gave a damn about Denny, I don't care whether Henry is Denny2.0. That guy is handsome and dreamy! I would totally marry him too to give him my insurance (ok maybe I would insist on a marriage-settlement to make sure that he wouldn't get half of my money in case he turned out to be a total jerk and I had to divorce him. Hope TEddy did that). It's time that Teddy gets somebody who cares for her. I've always liked her character, only the love triangle with Cristina and Owen was terrible. And her reaction to the Chief's "inappropriate speech" was just brilliant. It was about time that somebody said this out loud.
Also loved the awkward scene between Bailey and Teddy. Seeing Bailey, who's usually all "no nonsense", acting all silly with Eli was a bit weird but absolutely hilarious. I just hope that Eli will stay around for a while. He's hot and Bailey deserves some lovin! She is so right: Everybody else in this hospital is unprofessional and taking their personal crap to work, so why wouldn't Bailey and Teddy be allowed to do something crazy as well!?
The residents absolutely deserved to be given a ticking-off by the chief. As much as I love them as persons and as much I think they're (mostly) kickass surgeons, they just SUCK at teaching!!!
Either they are too concerned about their own learning or they're too immersed in their personal stuff. Even though my bet was on Alex in the race for chief resident before this episode, I hated that he got away like that. Right now I actually don't see any of them fit to be chief resident. All of them need to move up a gear.
Like Meredith said, she used to be hardcore and now she'S softcore. In my opinion she shouldn't worry about a baby all the time. I would like to see her step it up professionally. I don't need MerDer to have a baby any time soon. It can wait till next season.
And finally, Callie is pregnant of Mark!? Poor Callie. And above all: Poor Lexie. I really hope her relationship with Mark will survive this.
I won't comment on Calzona, since I really don't care. And there are already enough people going crazy about them haha.
I won't


I can't wait to see how Lexie takes this big news of Callie's pregnancy... This is definitely going to throw a wrench in both Mark/Lexie and Callie/Arizona's relationships..


I don't really know why people don't like Callie being pregnant with Mark's baby. I mean yes, it brings drama (which is the point) but I think that's a beautiful thing to have a baby with your best friends when you can't have one with your partner. Okay, it would be easier for Arizona if she don't know the guy I guess but I still think that's a nice thing, that's a baby of love. Not a romanticaly love but a friendly one.

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