Hawaii Five-O Review: "Ke Kinohi"

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Hawaii Five-O kicked off the 2011 with non-stop action in "Ke Kinohi," as the energy and focus of the story led to one of the best episodes of the season.

The consequences of McGarrett's investigation into his mother's murder started to come to light. The tool box left by McGarrett's father, filled with cryptic clues, was stolen and the detective's sister was kidnapped for trying her hand at the investigation.

Within 15 minutes of the episode, McGarrett was a man on a mission.

McGarrett on the Loose

McGarrett's intensity and deep personal involvement in the case were well-tempered by Danno, who acted as the voice of reason throughout.

That voice wasn't enough to keep McGarrett from over-stepping some rational boundaries, but I think having it there helped ease the character down when the governor also had to step in.

Jean Smart, as Governor Pat Jameson, was a treat as always. She had some subtle, albeit telling, moments in her interactions with McGarrett. Loved how she needed a beer after receiving bad news, but still layed down the facts of the matter honestly, as the immunity she extended the Five-O could only go so far.

I was sad to see Mary McGarrett led out of the picture at the end. While her departure leaves one fewer person for McGarrett to worry about, the opportunities for the character seemed high. The reach of the Yakuza is far, though, so it's plausible she could turn up again.

It's interesting to note McGarrett's selfishness in this case. It was personal and hit straight home for him, which was why he acted with such ferocity, but the character seemed blinded to the danger he puts the rest of the Five-O in when he jumped at such powerful forces without enough evidence to support his gut feelings.

With his sister safe in L.A. he doesn’t have much to lose as he pursues his mother's killers, but Danno has plenty. I'm hoping this point comes up in future installments.

This episode was a stepping stone for the series, bringing us closer and closer to a bigger showdown. There's still a lot for McGarrett to learn, and there are still consequences to be paid for actions the Five-O took in the past. It's exhilarating to watch all the action unfold one piece at a time.


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Mrs cleaver

Two Words: WO FAT!


Terrie, the only time I remember a seat belt being used is when Steve told Danno to put it on because it was going to be rough going. I may have missed Danno putting it on other times, because he's not fond of Steve's driving.


ploice or hero?
fierecely marvelous!


I agree with everybody else - this episode was fantastic! It was nice to see the usually calm, calculating, collected Steve act more on gut and this need to protect his family and those he cares about. Bring Mary back! She definitely gives us insights into Steve, plus allows us to see his "soft" side.


really great ep! teeny thing-i noticed neither danny nor steve wore their seatbelts....has that been true in every ep?


Loved this ep, although a few things were wonky - junior Jakuza soldiers or whatever they're called, kidnap Mary but leave her with her cellphone? They almost failed to get the box from Steve, they botch the kidnapping.... yet Hiro stills keeps on hiring them, to kill Steve. How did this guy get to be Hawaii's main economic supporter (according to the Gov, now that he's in jail, Hawaii is going to fall into economic catastrophe). Then he leaves a print on the evidence. No wonder Wo Fat had brother Koji killed, if stupidity runs in the family. Is Hiro next on the hit list?
Why did Steve turn around and stare at Wo Fat so much?


I gave up standing outside, waiting for President Obama to drive by enroute to Air Force One, to watch this episode. I enjoy it no matter the small hiccups, such as Mary's cell. Or Steve's ability to do all (i.e., fly a helicopter). It was a special treat for Ben Atkinson (from the original Hawaii Five O) to make a cameo as the beach boy who witnessed the MA6LT place a bomb under the car (wasn't it clever of Mary to remember police shorthand?) And I hope Scott Caan wins the Golden Globe!


This show doesn't need the on going mamas murder to be a hit. Matter of fact it will hurt the show. Caan deserves any award he can get. Natural actor and all in all a good show.


Oh I LOVED this one!!! I have been very impatient to see an episode about the SteveO box mystery and to see his sister in action. It was fantastic. I am stunned and bummed, however, to see Taryn Manny's Mary leave the scene. The element of a family member for SteveO added a delightful layer, as this episode so clearly proved. Bring Mary back! Not only is she a window into SteveO's soul, but she's a catalyst for action and adventure rather than just talk.

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